Grant Winner - Bhavita Bhatia

Cowboys of the Lost Horizon

Tracing Yak Nomads & Horsemen in the Last Ethnic Tibetan Stronghold of the Himalayas in Nepal

Bhavita is a storyteller, explorer, and adventurer.

Pre-pandemic she partnered with the National Geographic Society on a 5000-kilometer year-long trek, walking the Tibetan grasslands to be with the world's most isolated nomad communities.

She has a decade of experience covering the rural communities of the trans-Himalayan regions in India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Through her project, Cowboys of the Lost Horizon, Bhavita aims to create a long-term multimedia project that will document the last generation of horse traders and study closely the few horsemen that have chosen to stay back in their homelands. It is a documentary & awareness-raising project recording changes in one of the Earth's most isolated inhabited wildernesses, urban migration, adaptation to new roads & technology, the erosion of herding traditions, and the preservation of nomadic tribes vanishing.

Bhavita's documentary work reflects her love for the wilderness, which led her to chase Tibetan nomads across the remotest corners of the Himalayas. This exploration hopes to help spark a respectful and long overdue dialogue between the people of Dolpo, and their national governments; one that eventually results in a deeper appreciation of - and support of - their human rights and threatened lifeways at a time of profound change. 


Country of research: Nepal

Fields of research: Anthropology, Conservation, Storytelling