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Antarctic Peninsula

Adventure Holidays in the Antarctic Peninsula

A trip to the Antarctic Peninsula is a trip of a lifetime. The otherworldly landscapes here are spectacular and completely breathtaking. There's really nothing like it.

Large luminous blue icebergs rear up against the horizon in a thousand different shapes and forms – seemigly lit from within – whilst chunks of broken pack ice dot the water. Inland, a sweeping ice-cap masks mountains and fills trenches, binding together a continent that is about the same size as Africa. 

The peninsula is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife: five species of seal including the Weddell seal, the predatory Leopard seal, and the Crabeater seal, massive penguin rookeries, a significant number of whale species and a wide variety of seabirds, including albatross, petrels, shearwaters and skuas.

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Antarctic Peninsula Adventure Holidays


Antarctic Circle Quest

Always one of the most popular departures, this expedition gives more time where it matters, below the Antarctic Circle.

Guided Group

Polar Expeditions
12 days Excl. Flights
From £6,800
Activity Level: Leisurely
4.7 / 5

Antarctic Explorer

Towering blue icebergs, vast penguin colonies, whales, seals and glaciers right in the heart of the peninsula

Guided Group

Polar Expeditions
11 days Excl. Flights
From £5,100
Activity Level: Leisurely
4.8 / 5