Our children's prices are now 25% lower than the adult cost for Exodus-operated guided trips, and that goes for ages up to 16 years!

Ages 9 - 12 years

Designed for ages 9 - 12 years

We’ve introduced a helpful system to ensure you choose the trip that’s right for you and your family. Each adventure has been created with one of three specific age ranges in mind (ages 5-8, ages 9-12 and ages 13-16), though that doesn’t mean children outside that age bracket won’t be welcome!

Adventures on this page will be primarily designed for ages 9-12 years old. Travellers in this group can expect a good mix of fun-filled activity and some downtime, though there may be longer drives and more travelling. Any cycling or walking will be on easy terrain with breaks. Expect sight-seeing with an engaging guide and a chance to experience the local culture with some hands-on activities. There may also be opportunities to learn new skills, such as cross-country skiing. Expect twin or adjoining rooms, and a mix of local and ‘international’ food.

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Adventure Holidays for ages 9-12 years

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