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Anyone going on the trip departing on May 17? This will be my first trip to Eastern Europe.



Hi Lisa

 Im going on the same trip as you leaving on the 17th May.  I haven't been to eastern Europe but I have travelled a lot and am looking forward to the adventure.  Are you traveling as a single person too?  Claire  


Hi, Peter.

Like you this is my first trip with Exodus. I have a bit of trepidation as well though I am excited. I have never been to a country where I do not speak the language, but everyone keeps reassuring me that most people there will speak English. I am arriving a day early because of the difficulty of getting flights out of Pittsburgh.



Hi, Claire.

I also travel a lot and I am travelling as a single person. I typically do travel solo as most of my friends do not have the same yen for adventure. I will have a day on my own in Bucharest before and after the tour so I will get a mix of city and country life.




This is also my first trip to Eastern Europe and my first trip with Exodus. I’m really looking forward to it but with a certain amount of trepidation.



Hi, I was in Transylvania (not with Exodus) a few years ago and it was great - food and service can be slow but people were wonderful. The scenery is great in the mountains. Rumours that Bucharest isn't nice but if you end up in Cluj, it's great. Not that many people speak English but, as usual, learn the greetings in their language and they will love you forever. Enjoy the cabbage!

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