Kilimanjaro - 19th June

Hi - anyone out there climbing Kilimanjaro on the trip departing on 19th June?  Thought I'd say hi to any fellow travellers using this forum!

Debbie, 34 Maidenhead


Hi Debbie, I'm doing Kilimanjaro departing on 19th June as well.  I have no idea if I am well enough prepared or fit enough. How about you?


Hi Amanda.  I'm not sure either - hoping i will be fine. I've been doing a fair bit of walking recently as I am training for a 100k walk in July but have no idea how the altitude will affect things!  Only just realised I needed jabs (so preparation is a bit shambolic obviously!) and am having them this afternoon.


Hi.  I'm intended to do more preparation, but did one of those silly overkill sessions in the gym and pulled a muscle in my leg a few weeks ago.  may brave the gym today.  I don't think fitness is all that critical.  At least I hope so

My problem is deciding on antimalarials or not and mosquito net or not.  The horrible beasts always  seem to love me!  I think I'm going to risk it without antimalarials.

 Look forward to meeting you in 10 days



hi, am i being really disorganised and got the date wrong? is the departure the 19th or 20th? thought it was Friday 20th?

not taking anti malarials either...gonna risk it.


Hi Talal,

Departure from London is the 19th (at least I hope so) but the flight arrives on the 20th so if you are meeting the group in Tanzania then departure is the 20th.

I decided to opt for the anti malarials not knowing how expensive they were! 

See you soon!



yeah, they are really expensive and the yellow fever! i am flying out from London too but my itinerary says the flight leaves Heathrow on 20/6/2008 at 20 00, arriving Kilimanjaro on Saturday?

might give them a ring to check!



sorry, i am being an idiot. ignore what i said. I think i'm on a different route (Rongai) instead of Shira. good luck anyway!

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