Any other fellow travellers!!

Hi just wondering if there is anyone else signed up to this trip. I am travelling from scotland as a solo traveller and thought it would be nice to see who else might be going as i believe its fully booked.



Unfortunately, we won't be in the same group :-/ As I am on the earlier trip starting on February 2 (well, in Sri Lanka on Feb 3). Is there anybody who will be on that trip with me? I'll arrive on Feb 3 in the morning and I am looking for somebody who'd join me to discover Colombo :-)

Best regards from Switzerland



Im doing this trip but departing on 16th Feb. Having jabs tomorrow so will be looking forward to it once that's over with (hate injections).

Sue Lindsay

Whoops, hit the return key and managed to print my name by accident, not sure how it got into the blog box. I am really looking forward to this trip as everyone says its a great place to visit. Luckily I had all my jabs for Vietnam and Cambodia last year, so am ok and up to date, will stock up on mozi repellent though.


Hi all, I still have a booster to get but am departing on the 9th  of Feb. So still waiting for contact with any one that is on the same trip as me. really can't wait, and hope you have a great trip too.

Hi there. I'm on this trip too as a solo traveller. I got the last place. Travelling via manchester so will be ahead of the group. Does look a good trip. And some warmth :) Chris


Hey Chris great to see another solo traveller, I considered going from Manchester as its closer than London, but going to London day before so having an extra day in London each way, Gee i hope the snow doesn't interfere with travel!!!

I  cant wait for some sun too, bit undecided on what i need to take clothes wise as believe it can be chilly in some parts.

I havent travelled with Exodus before but they look to be a great company....and i got my everlasting luggage ticket today. I holiday a lot on my own, but not to such far flung places as this, any way look forward to meeting up with you on the trip.....Not long now :)


Hi, can't wait to experience Sri Lanka! If anyone is going on the Feb 24th departure, drop me a line - it would be nice to get to know you a little bit before we meet up. I think I might be the only American on this departure, which should be fun, though I do have some pretty strong British ties :-)




Hi, We are just about ready!  This will be our first trip to Sri Lanka. Itinerary looks good. We are bringing the odd light fleece for cooler evenings in the mountains (Adams Peak).   Are others bringing their own mosquito nets or are the hotel rooms considered well enough protected?

Glyn & Margaret

did this trip last march - excellent absolutely loved it. mixture of hotels from 5* to basic. most had plug in thingies. only one had nets.hoping my trip to cuba in march lives up to sri lanka. everything about the place is wonderful  people are so friendly.enjoy

Sue, thanks for the info, will be happy to rely on the 'plug in thingies'. Cuba should be fascinating, have agreat time.



Hello to Sue p who has been to Sri Lanka and is anticipating Cuba.  We are going to Sri Lanka on Thursday and did Camino de Cuba 3 years ago in March.  It was a fantastic trip and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  I hope our forthcoming trip is as good too.

Andrea Lyons


Is anyone going on the trip on Sunday 9th Feb?

Andrea Lyons

Hi Chuck, I'm going on the Feb. 24 trip and I'm from Canada (Calgary).  Looking forward to meeting you and all the others.


Hi Colleen, nice to hear from you! I think you and I are the only two on this trip from this side of "the pond." I'm from Ohio (Akron), but have many relatives scattered across eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia) - my dad and all his siblings were born and lived many years in England before coming to Canada and the US. I think Sri Lanka's going to be a really fun experience and I look forward to meeting everyone, as well - having a great group to travel with makes the adventure all the more enjoyable. Only three weeks to go!

Write again, love to hear your thoughts --




Chuck. long trip for us.  Are you flying via London or some other route?  Ijust happen to be going thru London but not joining the group.  I arrive on the 24th at about 4:00am local time.  What about you?



I am flying on Emirates Airlines from JFK to Dubai and then from Dubai to Colombo. I will be spending two full days in Dubai before heading on to Sri Lanka -- I arrive 8:30 Sunday morning and intend on waiting for the group to arrive at 1pm, and then catch the group transfer to the hotel. If you plan on doing that as well, maybe we could meet up for breakfast at the airport once I pick up my luggage and clear customs -- otherwise, I'll see you at the hotel in Marawila.


Hi again Chuck, sounds like you have a great trip planned.  I plan to go direct to the hotel in Marawila and perhaps spend some time in the warm sun before everyone else arrives.  See in in Marawila



Hi Chuck and Colleen. I'm Sue from the UK and I'm on the same trip as you. I'm looking forward to meeting both of you and everyone else on the trip in two weeks time!

Sounds like a plan, Colleen. If I were arriving that early, I'd do the same thing and would likely try to get some sleep as well - I never sleep well on planes! Hello Sue, nice to meet you. Are you arriving on the 1-pm group flight? I think we're going to have a blast on this trip - I love the itinerary and all the sights and activites the tour has in store for us. What are you looking forward to the most?

Can't wait for the adventure to start...


Hi Chuck and Sue

I am really getting excited the closer we get.  Are either of you planning to do 'Adam's Peak'. I am planning on doing it and hope I will have lots of company


Hey there Colleen,

Funny you should ask, because I was going to ask you the same thing! At first blush, my answer was YES, MAYBE, NO WAY IN HELL! :-)  Initially, it sounded like it might be a technically difficult climb (ie, you had to be part mountain goat to be able to do it), but after doing a bit more research, it sounds like the challenge comes in the sheer number of steps you have to climb. The whole experience appeals to me -  making the pilgrimage side-by-side with monks, bonding with fellow travelers, stopping along the way at tea houses, etc - so I am in. I am reasonably fit, but don't participate in any regular exercise program, so that would be my only concern; I figure as long as I take a break when the need arises, I'll be fine!  Have you been doing any special training for the climb?

An added bonus is the opportunity for great pictures - photography has enhanced all my travel experiences.





Hello there!

 I am back from the Discover Sri Lanka trip since Monday. I has been fantastic! Especially the people on the tour.

I did Adam's Peak. Yet, I had to give up on the way (lack of fitness? loss of too much liquid on the way up? ill already?). You have to know that it is a very steep way up (and down). Steps have uneven heights as well and the while at the beginning you get flat bits, the way contains basically only steps higher up. It is a good idea to bring extra cloths (bonnet and cloves might be a good idea, too) not only to keep you warm (it was really cold; close to 0°C) but also to get rid of those wet from the climb. What recovered me was a drink of electrolytes. Anyhow, don't let my experience stop you. There are many many locals who climb it with flip flops, in shorts and t-shirt.

We were further surprised on the trip by a few days of rain. Especially in the Horton Plains (on higher altitude) many of us got ill because we got soaking wet and had no dry shoes to change into. Due to the fact that the train was more than 2h late, we had to keep warm with aerobics :-) So, change of shoes, a 2nd pair of socks, waterproof trousers etc. and you should be fine :-)

At any rate, enjoy! It is a great tour and I keep my fingers crossed you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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