Exodus incompetence ruins Inca trail trip of a lifetime

Just been informed that due to an 'administrative error' Exodus did not manage to book me an inca trail permit for my trip of a lifetime to celebrate a milestone birthday. Permits now sold out. Little chance of travelling with another operator now... Shame on you exodus.

Hi Julie,

As you know from previous communications with Exodus on this issue, we sincerely apologise for this situation and hope that we have explained the reasons why on this occasion we were unable to secure the permits for this trip.

We have taken this extremely seriously and we have made every effort to ensure that this error is a one-off and that it does not happen again. We understand that this offers little consolation and is of little comfort to you, especially as you planned this trip to celebrate a milestone birthday. Given that the number of permits available on the Inca Trail is strictly limited, we regret that we were unable to rectify the problem by offering a trek on the Inca Trail to coincide with your birthday since it is impossible to purchase permits once the allotted number has sold, and this is why we offered an alternative departure, alternative trek or full refund.

Once again we offer our sincere apologies and cannot stress enough that we have taken this situation extremely seriously. If you would like to discuss this in more depth, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team directly.

Kind regards,

Tim Fearn

Product Manager (Peru)

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