Just booked the very last place on this trip - looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi Jerry

Oh so ready for this trip.

What do you think, boots or walking shoes or both.

Look forward to meeting you and seeing how the group dynamic develops!

best wishes


Hey Wanda - it's good to see someone else is alive on this site!

Good question re boots - I was wondering the same myself.  Trip dossier says boots but I managed Crete last year with strong walking shoes.  I think I will give them a call nearer the time and see what they suggest.  Is this your first Exodus trip?

Looking forward to what looks like a fab trip!


 Hello Jerry

Yes first Exodus, have done a few with 'The Adventure Company' but was so pissed of when I did Petra & Wadi Rum and the horrible guide tricked us out of going to the the Wadi Rum and took us to a bit of desert! never mind, I got over it.

Are you doing 'single suppliment' or taking pot luck with sharing? I do love seeing how the groups develop. We will all have a common experience to share so it just works. 

If you have any travellers tips I would appreciate it.  Mine is probably - have a litre of duty free close to hand.



Hi - I'm on this one as well, first with exodus. Think I am taking walking shoes as weather too hot for boots (hopefully)

See you there


Look forward to meeting up with you Angie, are you travelling alone?


Hi - I checked in about the boots with one of the people at Exodus and have copied her response below:   

"After a little investigation I am able to let inform you that on the leader notes for this tour it is advised that you take a good pair of walking boots, personally I would be inclined to take the light weight ones, I am sure that at points there will be loose/rough terrain so as long as you think your light boots can withstand this then I would wear them in the summer months. I would also recommend taking shorts and trousers, light weight clothing."

So light weight boots I think it is then!

Wanda - this is about my 15th trip with exodus - first was in 1994 when I travelled overland from London to Bali with them.  Yes, am going for the single supplement.

Best wishes


Jerry - Thanks for the info on the footwear

Wanda - I am travelling with a friend

Looking forward to the trip

Oh I am so ready for this trip now & look forward to meeting you.

I did the Inca Trail some years back and I was with 6, loved up, couples from Brisbane.  It was fairly grim for what should have been a trip of my lifetime.  This is why I have quizzed you about who you are travelling with!

It's still very hot in Sardinia!



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