high passes

Anyone doing the high passes trek 29 October?


Hi there. This is my sixth visit to the Himalayas but am really looking forward to it. How about you?



Was due to go in April, but had to cancel. So really looking forward to it. Have been to Annapurna.


Hi Sally and A. staggered to Base Camp in February and found it an incedible experience. As you can see I cant wait to go back (and endure the pain again!!). Hope the group turns out cooperative and not competitive. Did VSO in Nepal more years ago than I wish to remember-and before half the February Base Camp party were born!!  Kathmandu and Nepal  still quintessentially,unnervingly the same, just vastly bigger.I found it quite spookily unsettling returning after 43 years. Had not realised how much the place can haunt ones memories.Look forward to meeting you in October.  Bryn Marsh

Hi Everyone,

Really looking forward to this trek in October !  Never been to Nepal, but wanted to do Everest and this trip looked awesome.  Did Kilimanjaro and Meru last year, but that is all !

Anyone local to Weymouth, up for some training . . we have some fantastic walks along the Jurassic Coast !

Regards, Steve


Hi Steve,


I live near Bath and was walking along Portland to the Bill last Friday?!





Hi Sally,

Ah . . shame I hadn't posted earlier !  If you're down again, let me know !!  How is your training going ?



Hi Steve,


are you ok to chat on my email address..much easier.


[email protected]


just to add confusion another Steve and I also done my first trek up Kili last year so any advice on things to take that arn't mentioned, currency etc welcome, and can't wait to get there



HI Steve, Plenty of ATMs in kathmandu, and £20 a day more than enough on trek though tips at end from memory work out expensive. Exodus recommend a figure but that didnt include the party leader.You can buy any kit you need cheap in Kat or namche bazaar  andno one had a problem w quality. Think hard about your boots though. In february we hit a blizzard on day 2 trekkingt to namche and did rest of tripin snow.  anumber of people found their boots werent waterproof and it was miserable for them trying to dry socks and boots every night. of course may be no snow this time but i shant be risking it. Decent gloves and a spare pair- one of our group got frost bite in her fingers. Everest base camp in Feb was awesome, most of group were ill one way or another, but the unforgiving hostile beauty of sagarmatha national park is an experience like no other. my email is [email protected] by the way if youve any specific questions.


Hi Bryn thanks for info, especially about whats available in Nepal. my email is [email protected]




Good day after 45 years or so. How are you. I heard that you would like to contact me. I have been living near Seattle, Washington since 1972. It would be nice to talk to you. I was in England few years ago. my telephone number is 360-352-0541. Would love to hear from you.

This is Shree Ram Sharma (formely from Parhping boarding school)from Seattle,Washington USA. How are you. my email address is [email protected]. Please email me and we can chat.


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