Vietnam Adventure

Would love to hear from anyone booked on this trip.  My first time travelling with a group & looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers.



Hi there - which date are you departing on in May?




Hi Hannewoo, I fly on the 9th May, arrive in Hanoi on the 10th. 

Are you on the same trip ?



Hey - yes that's the same date as me! So excited can't wait!!


Yup, me too...just over 12 weeks till departure. Can't come soon enough !!!!  Sorted out my visa this week & have been looking at what to expect from Vietnam on the web. Theres a cool website "Rusty Compass" thats got loads of info on it.


Hi Pete and Hannewoo, I am also doing this trip and counting down the weeks. My visa arrived this week so thats another box ticked. I live on the outskirts of London so if either of you need to travel the day before I can offer you a double room and travel into London on the day.

All my research shows that this trip is going to be so interesting and diverse. Look forward to hearing from either of you. Paula 


Hi Paula, lovely to hear from another fellow traveller. I too have been doing research, particularly looking forward to the overnight train & Halong Bay.  Although I've seen quite a bit of the world, I've always travelled on my own, so this will be a bit different for me.....looking forward to meeting like minded travellers who want to see & experience a new country.

Thanks for your kind offer of a room, but due to work commitments I'll be catching a connecting flight from Manchester to Heathrow early on the 9th.


Good to hear from you Pete. Quite a few recommendations/advice in a few blogs for the overnight train and no doubt we will get full advice from our guide!! I am just happy we have been booked into the 'soft bed' cabins. I did look at the website you recommended and it found it quite inspiring. The last few years I have travelled with groups, as I have got older I have felt more vunerable, covering mostly Latin America. Now returned to the east as I have been asked to write an article for a magazine (semi-retired travel journalist) about Vietnam. Its been on my wish list for a few years.................. Keep in touch Paula.



Hi Pete & Paula!

 Paula thanks for the room offer but I actually live not far from the airport so guess I will meet you guys there! Really looking forward to the trip. I have a busy work time and the London Marathon to run so will be ready for a holiday by then!

4 weeks & counting until departure, received my joining instructions & "funky" luggage tag...vietnam seems very real now. Looking forward to meeting you both & fellow travellers booked on this trip.

Hannewoo - you mentioned in a previous post that you're running the London marathon...good luck for this coming Sunday !!!!

The days seem to be flying by now. Would anyone want to meet up for a coffee at the airport? or in one of the coffee 'lounges' on board the plane? My seat is on the lower deck. Look forward to meeting you and others.

Hi Paula, only a few days before we travel...looking forward to the break & a rest from the pressures of work. Yes, meeting for a brew prior to the flight would be good. I get to Heathrow at 0815 from my connecting flight so got loads of time to spare...there's only so long i can do the airport shopping thing !!! Hopefully, some of our fellow travellers will leave a message on this board & join us...the more the merrier !!!

That sounds great Pete, or anyone else who happens to look in on this forum for this holiday. My mobile is 07801654907. Could you text me first as I don't tend to answer any number I don't recognize as I get quite a lot of unsolicited calls. I should be there about 9.30am as I have an offer of a lift to station albeit a tad earlier than desired!! If you text me your number before we go I can put it into the contacts list. So looking forward to this trip.

Hey all fellow vietnam travellers. Only just checked out the community. Feeling left out hehe... sat at terminal 4. Anyone else arrived stupidly early like me? Sat in cafe apostrophe. Andy

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