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Travel Expert - Andrea Beech

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Introducing Andrea Beech

After a childhood spent picnicking in the back of a car in the rain-soaked beauty spots of Britain, Andrea went in search of sunshine.

She found plenty of it and much more besides. She is equally at home in the mountains, on beaches or in cities. She has worked as a travel agent in New Zealand and as a tour leader in Indochina, South-East Asia. Travel is her drug and she's not ready to quit.

Learn more about Andrea's travels below.

High Tea & Walking in the Himalayas

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The instructions were simple. If it was clear at 5am, Dilip would rouse us with a shout of “mountain view” and a steaming cup of tea.

If, however, the Himalayan heights were obscured by a stubborn morning mist, it would be a 6am wakeup call accompanied by a cup of tea and bowl of warm water. Not being a morning person I was hoping for the latter.

An Iceland Adventure

iceland landscape

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After travelling across the moon-like landscape of the Rekjanes Peninsula we headed to the south coast. As the dark Icelandic landscape of lava gave way to green pastures we spotted some Icelandic horses, unique for their five gaits.

A word of warning though: don’t refer to them as ‘ponies’ or the locals might get upset! These diminutive steeds could be likened to the big brother of a Shetland pony with an 80’s hairdo.

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