Andrew Appleyard

Andrew's career began in archaeology, first at UCL and then working for Harvard University. Our resident Indiana Jones has excavated priceless cultural artefacts from all over the globe, including Israel, Malta and Lebanon. His love of travel has taken him all over the world, from spending Christmas at Everest Base Camp, leading treks on Kilimanjaro and in more recent years enjoying biking through Europe, India and Jordan.

7 World Wonders: Q&A with Exodus’ Andrew Appleyard

Petra, Jordan

Meet Andrew Appleyard: archaeologist, avid ornithologist, amateur photographer, and traveller. You may recognise him as the man who could answer all your questions from our roaming evening presentations. We know him as our international sales manager, and a man who has been representing Exodus for nearly 20 years. There are very few places he hasn’t had the opportunity to go.

A Mayan Adventure

By Andrew Appleyard,  Exodus' International Sales Manager

Palenque, Uxmal, Tikal and Chichen Itza are just some of the dramatic Mayan sites we visit on our trip The Ruta Maya. The highlight for me on this trip is the contrasting settings we visit; from the Caribbean Sea to rich tropical jungles.

About Andrew
Exodus' International Sales Manager