Refer a friend

We know 97% of our travellers would recommend Exodus to a friend. We thought it was about time we rewarded you for it.

So now, when someone books their first ever Exodus adventure based on your recommendation, we’ll reward you both. For the first-time booker, we’ll give them £75 off their first adventure. For the referrer, we’ll give you £75 credit on your Exodus account so next time you make a booking you’ll be able to redeem your reward – no need to worry about vouchers or paperwork, we’ll just store it on the system for you.

Just remember to tell us at the time of booking.

1. The referrer (person referring the new customer) must have travelled with Exodus prior to the new customer’s booking being made

2. The referee (person being referred) must never have booked, or travelled on, an Exodus trip previously

3. The referee will be given £75 off their first Exodus trip when they provide the name and email address (that matches the one held by Exodus) of a friend who has previously travelled with Exodus when they are making the booking. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively if not mentioned at the time of booking

4. If there is more than one person on a new booking then the discount can be applied only to those customers who have not travelled with Exodus before

5. The referrer will be entitled to £75 of credit towards their next Exodus adventure only once the referrer has paid the balance in full. They must state that they would like to use the credit at the time of booking

6. The referrer may refer multiple new customers, and will be credited £75 for each one. Exodus may limit the number of referees any particular customer refers if it sees fit

7. “Refer a Friend” discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other discount except a loyalty discount (for the referrer) 

8. “Refer a Friend” discounts are only available on bookings made by residents of the UK, directly with Exodus Travels

9. “Refer a Friend” credits on the referrer’s account must be applied to a booking (with the deposit paid) within 18 months of receiving them, or they will expire

10. Exodus may change the rules or mechanism of the “Refer a Friend” programme at any time, but all credits received whilst the system is in place will be honoured until they expire as above

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