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However you define poverty, Ethiopia always finds itself at the bottom of the table as one of the poorest countries in the world. Exodus has two main groups to support here. The first is the Kindu Trust, a charity which helps disadvantaged children in Gondar, and the second is supporting a remote village school in the Simien Mountains.

Biggest achievement to date


Few children receive a healthy balanced diet, so to improve child nutrition Exodus works with the Kindu Trust in Gondar to provide at least one hot meal a day for each child that uses the Kindu Club centre. Exodus hopes to raise £1,200 each year to pay for these meals for underprivileged children. 

Simien Mountains
Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains are a remote place to grow up, and many children struggle for the most basic schooling. Exodus sponsors an isolated school on the route of our Simien Mountains trek.  The project has been driven by Exodus leader, Alex Doaga, as well as local leaders, Messi and Alfo.  Since we got involved in 2014, the school has increased from two classrooms attended by 120 children who all had to sit on the earth floor, to four classrooms with an attendance of 270 children who now have desks and benches to sit on.  The best news however, is that the school now gets some government support, and 8 teachers are employed at the school. 

Please click here for the latest progress report, and here for last year’s update


How You Can Help

Visit – come on one of Exodus’ Ethiopia holidays and you will get an opportunity to visit The Kindu Trust, where you can support the trust by buying handicrafts (such as jewellery or woven baskets) made by the adult members of the community.
Simien Mountains Trek Walking Holiday
Discover Ethiopia Cultural Holiday

Donate – send us any leftover Birr you may have, or donate online to help us raise funds for the schools.

Speak to a Supporter
You can contact our Exodus Project Manager Tom Harari.

Responsible Travel

At Exodus we have always believed in three simple guiding principles for the way in which we want to travel.

• We realise that every destination is someone else’s home
• We should leave places as we would like to find them
• We should ensure that communities benefit from our visit

The Exodus Travels Foundation

Our Foundation enables us to extend our vision of harnessing the positive power of travel for the people and places we visit. Thanks to the generosity of our clients and partners and the breadth of our networks, we are able to support a number of community-based projects which improve life in hard-to-reach places.
Read more about our Foundation’s work here.

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