Greeb throated carib, St. Lucia, (c)Adams Toussaint

St Lucia

Let St Lucia surprise you with tropical walking trails and the world’s only drive in volcano

Adventure Holidays in St Lucia

Holidays to St Lucia might be best known for their beaches, but the Caribbean Island is also an adventure-seekers paradise.The island also boasts dramatic ‘pitons’ mountains clad in thick forest rising out of the sea as well as the world’s only drive-in volcano. There are luxuriant jungles and waterfalls, to explore, vibrant Amerindian and Afro Caribbean cultures, as well as wildlife including whales and dolphins. With Exodus, a St Lucia holiday will enable you to unearth the natural and cultural wonders of this overlooked region. 


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St Lucia holiday highlights

1. Pigeon Island: a 40-acre historical island located in the northern region. Once isolated from the country in the Caribbean Sea, the island was artificially joined to the western coast of mainland in 1972 by a man-made causeway built from dirt excavated to form the Rodney Bay Marina. It is home to an 18th century British fort and Fort Rodney, as well as different species of native birds can be spotted here, including the Yellow-crowned Night heron and Caribbean martin.

2. Castries: in the capital city we'll explore Derek Walcott square, named after St Lucia's famous Nobel Laureate and a tranquil haven in this bustling town and traditional Castries Central Market which sells fruit, vegetables and all kinds of spiced rum.

3. Edmund Forest Reserve: a leisurely four-hour trek and the opportunity to spot a variety of native birds, such as the St. Lucia parrot (Jacquot), the Pearly-eyed thrasher and Purple-throated Carib. We then continue by road to Cap Moule a Chique: the southernmost point on St Lucia and well-known for exquisite views of the south coast and neighbouring St. Vincent.

4. Chocolate: Fond Doux Plantation is a 250-year-old working cocoa plantation, where you can explore the tropical canopy of almond, nutmeg, cocoa and palm trees and learn how chocolate is made.

5. Soufriere: the original capital is full of old French architecture and the waterfront area is a hub of acvtivity, and great place to wander around and soak up local life.

6. Qualibou Volcano: the world's only drive-in volcano is dormant. A tour of its sulphur springs offers a fascinating insight into the geology of the Caribbean Rim. Here you can bathe in the steamy volcanic springs which are said to be very theraputic.

7. Beaches: complete with water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and paddle boats. Rodney Bay village with its bustling cafes, shops and restuarants, and there are opportunities for whale and dolphin watching.  

8. The Pitons: two vast volcaic plugs, St Lucia's signature landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rising steeply to 2000ft, the trek is physically challenging because the trail is uneven underfoot and also because of the heat. However the Caribbean Sea and coastline make for spectacular views on the walk and the the subtropical vegetation and elfin woodland on the summit makes this a fantastic experience.

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