Cape Town and the Garden Route - Leaving 31.10.15

Hi, is anyone booked onto this trip?

Hi Maureen,

I'm booked onto the trip..

You all packed & ready?


HI Kelly,

No not yet, going to get it all ready on Friday evening, been gathering things together though so it wont be too bad.... Are you ready and excited? :-)


I'm the same. I've put everything together and will finish off Friday too.. Are you booked on the tour flight?
I am very excited now. This is only my second trip on my own and the last was six years ago, so I'm excited and a tad nervous too..

How about you? I just wish it was Friday already ;)

Hi Kelly, Yes I am booked on the group flight. I have done this quite a few times with Exodus but I still get nervous and excited. It is always ok though.... It will be a wonderful experience..... Hopefully see you at the airport....

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