Charging a canon camera DSLR battery on safari

Advice on how to charge canon camera battery for 5D mark4 in campsites and on vehicle when wild camping please. I am travelling from UK in September. What leads/plugs required . Thanks

I have learned the hard way, and now always carry a spare battery and also a portable charger.  Electricity supplies can be unreliable on safari!

I have learned the hard way, and now always carry a spare battery and also a portable charger.  Electricity supplies can be unreliable on safari!

I bought a third battery for my ES1100d. Took loads of photos, DIDN'T review anything. On the morning of the 3rd days' camping, battery 2 ran out. I never travel with just one battery as if that packs in while you're out, you've had it! Think they have in-car charger accessibility, but only when engine on.

I have just come across a solar phone charger with dual USB output on Wowcher which I think should charge other items as well.  I have ordered it but have not received it yet.  Hopefully this will help solve the recharging issues in the bush!  Will just have to wait and see.

Hi Annie 

I'm also going on this trip - departing 15th September.

Which date do you go on?


hi there thanks for all your comments . In addition to numerous batteries which I will take I have now purchased a couple and a converter pack from Canon which I understand will allow me to charge if necessary from the vehicle.Message for Laura hi - yes I am on the trip leaving London on the 15 th…Septembers.Look forward to meeting you - are you travelling from London ?

Hi Annie

Sorry for the delayed reply - I ddin't tick the box to get reply notifications.

Yes travelling from London. I actually live up in North Yorkshire, so travelling down the night before by train & staying with a friend near Heathrow before getting the flight from there on the Saturday.

Looking forward to meeting you too & for our trip!


I too am on this trip departing 15th September. I note you comments re batteries. I usually travel with two batteries and they usually last a few days. Think I will pack a power bank to be on the safe side. Is this your first trip with Exodus? Bit nervous about the wild camping but excited as well.

Hi Ali

It’s my 4th trip with Exodus. Really looking forward to it. Just starting to work my way through the packing list to see what I still need to get! I’m sure we’ll muddle through the camping together! 



Let me know if you both want to meet up at Heathrow prior to the flight. Need to sort out my packing list but will try to keep it to a minimum. Next to sort out is malaria tablets.... So looking forward to this trip.

Laura, sounds like you are well versed in Exodus trips. Look forward to hearing about them. 


Hi Ali and Laura

Yes it would be good to say hello at Heathrow and then we can stick together when we get off plane at Jo'burg to find our way to onward flight. I am travelling with my friend Cherry who has done many of these sort of trips. I only have done one before and that was Canada so very diferent. I haven't done camping in a long time. I am unsure as to whether I am going to take the malaria tablets - we understand its low risk season for malaria and don't want to be ill from the tablets. I am going to travel clinic next week and will see what advice they are giving. 

My equipment seems to be piling up ,hope there's enough room for me. As you have probably gathered I am a keen amateur photographer so my camera gear is important to me and I have to strictly limit what I take.

Happy packing!


Anyone going on the Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana on 1st Sept? 


Hi Both 

Sounds good to me too. Let's keep in touch & figure out nearer our departure date. 



Hi Both 

Sounds good to me too. Let's keep in touch & figure out nearer our departure date. 



Hello again,hope the packing is going well and jabs done. My case is full of equipment and I have frightened myself by too much reading about the wildlife and hazards. It will be an adventure. Cherry and I should be at Heathrow by about 2.30 on Saturday. We are travelling from Devon. How shall we try and meet up? we could meet up when we get to the gate or before ,just not sure what to suggest. We are 2 older women , short and blondish. I may be wearing my giraffe trousers - light for travel- not suitable for safari. Any suggestions ? see you soon.....

Hi Annie

All ok so far, just the last few niggly bits of packing to go, my bag is pretty full!! And just one more day of work to go for me tomorrow.

Meeting up sounds good. I usually like to have a decent meal before I fly, so will get that done first and then we could meet about 5:30 for a coffee or something somewhere?  They usually call the gate number about an hour before. 

Let me know what you think & I can have a look at the airport website to see what’s there that’s suitable.



yes let’s meet around 5.30 on Saturday . Will wait to hear where! My case is full , I am overwhelmed by equipment , keep trying to take things out . Have a good journey to Heathrow , am keeping fingers crossed for our taxi on Saturday. The M5 blocked for 5 hours today ! Sadly a serious accident. See you at Heathrow on Saturday and start of a new adventure.

Hi Ladies, 5:30 pm sounds great. How about we meet up in the departures Lounge After we have gotten rid of our bags.I have had a look at the map and there is a cafe called Ca'puccino near the seating area which seems pretty central. I will have my Exodus luggage labels on my hand luggage so should be easy to spot. Let me know if you would like to meet elsewhere. About to start packing now - hopefully I can keep it to a minimum. might get there reasonably early so as to avoid the busy underground. 

Cafe sounds good. Will see you there!

I don’t have jazzy labels but hopefully you can see my photo on here, so you can look out for me!

Will message on here if I’m running late, might be there a bit more like 5:45.



No Jazzy labels for us either . Will see you there . Waiting for check in to open!

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