Everest Base Camp Trek - Expedition Departure

Hello, Is anyone else on here taking part in the expedition departure to Everest base camp, departing on 2nd April? It's my first Exodus trip and I'm travelling solo so it would be nice to have a space to get to know each other beforehand. Looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Hi Rosie. I'm another 'solo' traveler on the trip . I'm bit of an Exodus freak having done lots of trips with them.  The only way is up !

Hi Ken, Thanks for the reply. I'm just back from a week's walking holiday in Wales, which I hope will count as good training! 

Hi Ken, Thanks for the reply. I'm just back from a week's walking holiday in Wales, which I hope will count as good training! 

... and I'm just back from walking to the pub in deepest Berkshire. Better Training !

I'm travelling solo on this trip too...and it's my first Exodus trip. I'll be meeting everyone in Kathmandu, as I'm coming from Ireland. There's not that long left to go now, I'm getting excited!

Hello Laura, I'll be travelling from Heathrow via Oman to join everyone in Kathmandu. It's definitely starting to feel like we don't have long to go now. 

Hi All.

I am also travelling solo so it seems there will be plenty of us.

Just read the Ben Fogel book on his trip to Everest....seems a warm sleeping bag is the main take away!!

Hi, I’m another travelling solo, not long to go now! :-)

Hi Dominic and Jennie - nice to know there are more solo travellers on the trip. See you all in less than two months now. 

Just received my trip joining info, seems the group flights are via dehli however exodus booked mine on turkish airlines via istanbul, is anyone else on this flight??

Hello Jennie, I wasn't aware there was a group flight either. Exodus have booked me on an Oman Air flight via Muscat. Due to land in Kathmandu at 1420 on 3rd April. 

my flight arrives in Kathmandu at 10.35am, I assume I don’t need to wait for the group flight for transport!  (Probably should email and check!)

I think Exodus will arrange for somebody to meet us on our individual flights, but probably worth checking. I hope it's easy to spot the Exodus rep at arrivals!

I just got my joining instructions as well which included a link to this Lounge. Hello to all. I'll be coming in from Canada so hopefully the jetlag isn't too bad.

Less than a month to go. See you all in Kathmandu :-)

Hello Dave - I thought coming from England was a long way, but your journey sounds a lot longer!  I found a few videos on YouTube of the Kathmandu airport - helpful if you want an overview of what the arrivals process is like.

I'll take a look for the videos

I sent them my flight details and they said there will be a transfer for me. I'm landing in on the Tuesday evening. Anyone else there that night?

I also have another question for everyone...are you going to take Diamox? I have a supply of it but am still a bit unsure of it after hearing so many different opinions on it. I'm going to test it myself on my hike tomorrow, so will see how it goes. 

Hello Laura, 

I struggled with making a decision about Diamox too because I read they can have bad side-effects. But I want to do what I can to avoid altitude sickness and when I asked Exodus if they recommended Diamox, they said yes. My GP recommended taking some at home as a test and apart from some weird pins and needles in my feet and around the mouth, they didn't seem too bad. Good luck with your test and making a decision too.


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