Hi is anyone going to Finland 29th December

Hi Jill,

Yes! Myself and my husband, Graham are going on the 29th. Looking forward to it!

Hi, yes I'm coming and looking forward to it! 

Great looking forward to meeting you all🤗


Hi!  Yes, I am coming too.  I am not on the group flights though, as I am spending a couple of days in Helsinki before. 

Looking forward to the adventure and to meeting everyone.  

Oh speaking of the group flights, I am on the ridiculolusy early flight group flight out of LOndon Gatwick on the sunday morning. So am staying at the gatwick premier inn the night before, if anyone else is thinking of doing the same perhaps we could meet up for a drink the night before. I may not be that chatty the morning of the flight!

Hi I'm on the early flight from Gatwick too , my Son lives near Gatwick so staying with him the evening before, so will be a bit bleary eyed but nothing a good coffee can't fix!

On early flight too but paid for parking at the weekend so unable to meet for a drink. Will have to all have a drink on first night!

Hi all, I’m also on this trip and am spending a few days in Helsinki first too.  Very much looking forward to it!


Hi Laura, 

I am also staying in Helsinki first.  What flight are you on between Helsinki and Kuusamo?  I am on the Finnair flight at 12:20 from Helsinki on Sunday 29th.  


Hi Angela

My flight isn’t until the 30th, I think I’m on the group flight.


Hi Laura,

I thought the official start date was 29 December? I think the group flight is London Gatwick to Kuusomo direct on 29 Dec, not via Helsinki.

Which trip are you doing? The Finnish Wilderness Week or something different?


Maybe I’m on a different trip! Definitely leaves on 30/12

Ahh - you're on the Swedish Lapland Week, not the Finnish one.  Never mind - I'm sure that will be awesome fun too.  :-)  

Hi there

is anyone in the dec 8-15th group?


Hi Angela and Laura

Are you on the plane on the 29th from Helsinki, arriving at Kuusamo at 1.35 pm?

I'm as well. Do you want to meet up at the airport and share a taxi to the lodge?

Best wishes Berit

PS. I made a post under the Snowshoeing and Northern Lights trip - for all of you in this thread who are going on the 29 th

Hi Berit,

Yes, I am on that flight.  Meeting up at Kuusamo airport to share a taxi sounds like a great plan.  


Hi Angela & others

My Danish travel agency har just been in contact with me to tell me that Exodus has informed them that getting a taxi might be difficult, if not impossible (which is a bit strange given that this is their own suggestion). They suggest that I book a private transfer which cost about 140 euro. I have done that now. Has Exodus been in touch with you? Maybe it's easier if you email me at [email protected]

best wishes, Berit

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