Trails of Vietnam

It would be great to hear from anyone who is on the same trip departing 01 Novembe.

Hi Jo,


I’ll be be on the trip in November. 



Hi Baz, 

Good to hear from you, I’m really looking forward to the trip. Hopefully others will respond too.


Hi Jo and Baz,

I’m signed up to this trip too, I’m flying out a few days earlier to acclimatise and hopefully get over the jet lag. It’s my first time visiting Vietnam and I’m very excited ! 



Hi Lesley, great to hear from you.


Lovely to hear from you. A few extra days sounds perfect to relax before the trip. I look forward to meeting you both. 

Karen (Baz) 😏

Hi,  Im on this trip too, looking forward to it.  Just wanted to check.  Has anyone else done onything with visas, Accoring to Exodus because it is less than 15 days (just) we dont need to do anything...

Good to hear from you. 

The same view as you, just under the 15 days so haven’t done everything.

Hi Jo, Baz, Lesley...

Lindsey and I live in Edinburgh, and will be joining the Trails of Vietnam trip on 2 Nov.  We're arriving in Vietnam 26 Oct in order to do a 7 day trip up north to take in Son La, Dien Bien Phu and Sapa.  We will look forward to meeting you on what looks like an exciting Vietnam holiday.


Hi GapToothGypsy , I’ve got an e-visa because I’m staying a little longer in Vietnam so will exceed the 15 days. I don’t think you need one for thsi trip alone if you are a Uk citizen. But always worth checking with the embassy website


looking forward to meeting you all and having a great time as a group.

I should mention my partner Jon is also coming along on the trip. Nearly forgot about him 😁

Hi Roddy and Lindsey 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 < waves to fellow Scots > 

Hi poor forgotten  Jon 😉

I don't know if this is standard, or if there is a better way, but from for my $17 I received an email saying my VISA ON ARRIVAL is now officially approved by The Immigration Department of Vietnam. Plus attachments, listing my name along with 15 others, and the following information about what else I need:

Original passport (valid at least 6 months beyond date of arrival)One completely written form NA1 to save your time on arrival - blank form downloaded at: recently taken photos - (4 cm x 6 cm). Travelers can take this standard photo when landing at Vietnam airportsOfficial Visa Approval Letter please print all page – black and white printing acceptedVisa stamping fee: Prepare cash to pay for Government visa stamp fee (only USD or Vietnam Dong):$25.00 USD/person for Single entry

or does anyone else get email notifications of posts and when they come to here to reply, the posts are gone? 

Yes. And I've also posted a couple of comments which have not appeared. So why am I writing this one? I've no idea. :-)

I can see your message now Roddy 🙂 I actually thought it was just my end. 

I can see Roddy’s  Sunday 16:23 message now. But I got an email notification the other day about a post  from R about Visa on Arrival and when I logged in to reply, it had gone. So I assumed R had deleted / withdrawn it. 

So the systen is obv very glitchy. As well as a bit tiresome with the repeated log in and captcha . 

Hi we're on the trip starting 1/11 too. Chris & Sarah coming from Oxfordshire and very much looking forward to the trip. Not done anything with visas because it's less than 15 days but are going onto the Angkor Wat extension and have our e-visas for that. Any one else doing the extension? Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi All,

Not long now and looking forward to meeting you all :-)

See you all soon.

Jo & Jon

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