Dogsledding through Riisitunturi National Park, Finland


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Experience the magical feeling of mushing your own team of Alaskan or Siberian huskies across a blanket of fresh snow, past frozen lakes and snow-covered trees. A truly one-of-a-kind adventure, on one of our dogsledding trips you'll not only learn about these fascinating animals, you'll also explore dramatic scenery from a unique perspective as you drive your sled.

Huskies love humans and love to run, and on longer trips you will really bond with the dogs, as you help feed and harness them each day and become a genuine team. Each 'musher' will have up to four or five dogs in their team, depending on their weight and the trail conditions. The dogs have an average speed of 10-15kph – but they can pull at up to 20kph, meaning the driver has to keep good control of the sled. Other moments are more tranquil, giving time to enjoy the winter landscape. On our longer dogsledding tours you'll usually spend nights in remote wilderness cabins, where facilities are fairly basic: the perfect settings for tapping into the true spirit of the old-time dogsledders who worked the frontier trails. 

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"'Wheeeeee!' I yell, unable to behave like anything but a small child. A burst into movement, and we push into the forest, winding through the trees. I try to anticipate when to brake and when to lean, so the sled won’t upturn. The power in every limb of these creatures becomes clear as I lift my feet completely off the brake, and they pound the snow, pulling ever faster."

Emily Payne wrote about her experience dogsledding for the Mail Online – read the full article here.

Highly recommended and couldn't stress how much effort the guides put in on making you feel...

Alice Nimmo, 2019 Finnish Wilderness Week

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