Paro Valley, Bhutan

3 Reasons Cycling in Bhutan Should be on Your Radar

Bicycles and Bhutan are a winning combination. The tiny, remote Himalayan kingdom has so much to offer the keen cyclist, from a staggering wealth of mountainous views to a unique culture cut off from the rest of the world for decades. Here's why Bhutan should be topping your bucket list. 

The country is changing, fast!

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Previously cut off from the world for centuries, the secretive Kingdom of Bhutan was one of the last nations on earth to introduce television and the internet to the population back in 1999. Fast forward 18 years and the country has been fast-tracked into modernity, whilst still managing to hold on to the fiercely guarded ancient traditions and religion which define it.

These are immediately apparent in the country’s architecture and traditional dress, and are reflected in the values shown by its inhabitants; Bhutanese people are incredibly friendly, curious and loyal to their country and monarch. These qualities make the country unique in so many ways and it is this which, for many travellers, is the driving factor behind their decision to visit.

Panoramic Himalayan views

Nestled amongst some of the tallest mountains on Earth, Bhutan offers incredible vistas at every turn, and there is truly no better way to experience and appreciate these than by bike! Anyone who has managed a large cycle climb can recognise that feeling of elation and adrenaline that reaching the top brings; combine this with a stunning panoramic mountain view ensures the sense of achievement is felt all the more! Many of Bhutan’s major towns are located in individual valleys, which means there are plenty of challenging ascents and fast-moving descents to enjoy on this trip!

Cycling is relatively new to the country

Cycling in Bhutan

Whilst Bhutan and bicycles seem to be a perfect fit, it only became possible to travel in this manner relatively recently. Encouraged by races such as Tour of the Dragon (arguably one of the toughest one-day mountain bike races there is), the country is discovering a new love for the sport and many of the already established guides and leaders are turning their hand to cycling in order to discover and showcase the beautiful rugged mountainous terrain. Cycling offers an intimate connection with the landscape that is seldom experienced when travelling by car, and the traffic in Bhutan is still relatively light. The road conditions are variable (which can add to the fun!), but there is something incredibly special about experiencing this stunning country on two wheels.

Discover Bhutan by Bike. 

Cycling in Bhutan

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