An Introduction To Via Ferrata

A system of cables criss-crossing the mountain sides, leading to cloud-scratching peaks with awesome vistas. Intrigued? Our Walking & Trekking Programme Manager Chloe Knott answers your questions about Via Ferrata trekking…

The Dolomites are perfect for Via Ferrata trekking The Dolomites are perfect for Via Ferrata trekking

What makes the Italian Dolomites a good place to experience Via Ferrata trekking?
These peaks have the highest concentration of Via Ferrata in the world, boasting over 170 historic routes. There’s a unique mix of Austrian and Italian culture, limestone scenery, spectacular views and always a warm welcome.

Dolomites Dolomites

What is the Via Ferrata?
Italian for ‘Iron Road’, it’s a series of climbing routes dating back to the 19th century and the beginnings of alpine exploration. Simple paths and ladders have probably connected villages in the Alps for many centuries, but Via Ferrata was extensively developed during WWI to help move troops and supplies.

Via Ferrata Via Ferrata

What kind of experience do I need to do it?
No previous experience is required, but you will need a head for heights and be a confident mountain walker with a good level of fitness. You should be prepared for a bit of scrambling over rocky terrain.

Do you have any tips for this kind of trip?
It’s good to build up upper body strength in advance as this will help when facing some of the steeper sections. Yoga is also a great way to improve flexibility.

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Introduction to Via Ferrata

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