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6 Brand New Treks for 2018

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There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be discovered. This year, we’ve made it easier for you to explore more, learn more, and witness more on these new adventures to all corners of the globe.

#1: Heading For New Heights

Lenin Peak

Ascending Lenin Peak

This is an exciting new challenge to add to our range of itineraries for 2018: Lenin Peak. At 7134m high, Lenin Peak is one of the world’s most accessible and technically straightforward 7000m summits.

It is located in the beautiful Pamir Mountain range in Kyrgyzstan, straddling the border with Tajikistan – and there’s beautiful scenery and a fantastic long summit ridge offering outstanding views across the range. Exodus’ Valerie Parkinson will be leading the first trek, bringing her wealth of high altitude experience with her.

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#2: Myths and Legends Come Alive

Zagori & Meteora

Dragon Lake

Just two hours from Athens, but a world away from its hustle and bustle, Greece’s central region is steeped in myth and legend. This walk will take you to Dragon Lake, where according to local legend, two warring dragons once lived.

During fits of rage, they’d throw stones at each other, which is why the shores on the Mount Smolikas side of the lake is white and scattered with black stones, whereas the opposite shore of Mount Tymfi is black with white stones.

We also visit the towering sandstone pillars of the Meteora landscape, where 60 monks and nuns live in monasteries perched on high, and breathtaking Vikros Gorge which plunges to 3000ft, and is classed by the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest gorge in the world. Here there are ancient footpaths, linking time-worn villages tucked away in the mountains. These villages are fiercely protective of their way of life, which you’ll experience in friendly local accommodation.

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#3: Coastal Capers

Walking in France & Spain

Costa Brava

This is a wonderful walking week that winds its way along the coast and borderlands of both France and Spain, immersing you in Catalan culture as you go. Whilst you’ll need to be fit to enjoy the walking, the trip will be at a relaxed pace with plenty of time to swim in the sea, discover small coastal fishing villages and sample the local seafood.

The iconic trek from the Cap de Creus peninsula to the village of Cadaques is a highlight not to be missed.

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#4: Going Green

Discover Bali

Bali's palm trees

Look beyond Bali’s beaches into a lush, verdant world of rice terraces, coffee plantations, forests, lakes, waterfalls, traditional villages, smoking volcanoes and very few people. It’s on foot that you can best delve into the heart of Bali, geographically and metaphorically.

The terraced rice paddies, villages and water temples here cover more than 19,500 hectares and are connected by canals born out of the cultural exchange between Buddhism and Hinduism over 2000 years. Following tracks made to take rice to market, we come across out of the way hamlets and chat with local farmers.

We also climb volcanoes, swim in waterfalls, explore the underwater wonders and discover island culture to find out why it’s known as the island of the Gods.

#5: Walking and Whale Watching

Canadian Maritimes

Coast of Canada

Rugged, unspoilt and off the tourist trail, northern New England and Canada’s Maritime provinces have a unique charm, rich history and many hidden secrets. This is a place of outstanding natural beauty, where tiny coastal communities cling to the rocks and are defined by unique cultural identities.

You’ll get the chance to explore these historic fishing villages, visit the stunning Acadia National Park, and trek a portion of the famed Appalachian Trail in Baxter State Park. This is a place with a rich maritime culture – and outrageously good seafood to boot.

You’ll spend two nights on Prince Edward Island, walking on the sand dunes, exploring the forest and taking iconic views of Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse.

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#6: Remote and Untouched

Exploring Ladakh

Nubra Valley buddha statue

“When I travel I love nothing more than big bold landscapes – particularly mountains – and seeking out those precious few places that are truly unspoilt by the modern world,” says Product Manager Jenny Cox. “The Indian Himalaya ticks all of these boxes. In Ladakh, international phones don’t even work, which in my opinion is bliss!”

The Nubra Valley lies north of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, and over the Khardung La Pass, separating the Ladakh Range from the Karakorum. The word Nubra comes from Ldumra, which translates roughly as the valley of the flowers.

This is a place of powerful juxtapositions, where green valley oases are surrounded by stark scree slopes and vast arid mountains, sand dunes, glacial lakes, mountains and monasteries fill the landscape of this remote corner of the world. A highlight of the trek is crossing the wild, glaciated Lasermo La (5400m).

Valerie Parkinson has spent over 30 years trekking in the Himalaya and is a big ambassador for the region. Alongside Exodus, Valerie has done much to support local communities there and is always looking for new and exciting trips in the Himalaya.

“When she described her recce of the Nubra Valley Trek, I was yearning to lace up my boots there and then!” says Jenny. “This is off-the-beaten-track trekking at its very finest: on day two of the trek you pass Sernang village, and from there on in you won’t pass another until the final day of the trek seven days later!”

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