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Ecuador Leader Pablo Montalvo

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Pablo Montalvo, one of our local leaders in Ecuador, tells us about his experience as a leader for Exodus.

Introducing Pablo Montalvo

Pablo, Exodus leader 

My name is Pablo Montalvo. I have always loved the outdoors and began exploring the mountains of Ecuador and cycling as a boy. Since then, I have travelled throughout Ecuador and South America, climbing, trekking, and biking.

Volcanic landscapes, Ecuador

I started my work as a Tour Leader more than 11 years ago in Ecuador, and I am passionate about it. 

I have guided groups all over Ecuador for Exodus - in Galapagos, the jungle, the highlands and the coast of Ecuador.  Whether it is snorkelling with sharks and eagle rays or appreciating the landscapes and cultures, Exodus gives people fantastic opportunities.

One of my trademarks is an ability to communicate with and develop relationships with people from different countries.

Galapagos penguin 

Galapagos Islands

One of the many amazing experiences that I have had was on a trip to the Galapagos Islands with Exodus. The group had just finished snorkelling and was still in the water ready to start climbing onto the boat, when I spotted a white-tipped shark passing by. 

I yelled, SHARK! The entire group went swimming toward the direction of the shark to see it. It struck me afterwards, that only in the Galapagos would people swim toward a shark when they heard that word. 

Normally, people would be swimming fast in the opposite direction!

Galapagos Turtle 

I am very enthusiastic, energetic and fit, which is a plus in my daily activities as a Tour Leader. 

I am committed to teaching others about Ecuador - its plants and wildlife, geography, traditions and cultures. I respect and appreciate nature and enjoy helping others learn about Ecuador and all it has to offer. 

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