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Take your parkrunning to the next level: become the ultimate parkrun tourist!

Plenty of parkrunners are already part of the parkrun tourism movement, trying out different parkruns around the UK, but we want to make it easy for you to experience them abroad too.

From the humble beginnings in west London, parkun has now expanded to offer weekly 5kms all over the globe. Since we joined up with parkrun last summer, you’ve been asking us if you can combine a parkrun with one of our holidays… and the answer is a resounding yes!

Here are just three of our trips where you can keep your parkrun record intact whilst exploring some of the world’s most beautiful places.


Walking holiday in Tuscany? Try parkrun!

Tuscany’s sun-drenched capital is one of the most visited cities in Italy and the crown jewel of the Renaissance. Plenty of our travellers choose to spend extra time in this city at the start or end of their trips, and it is home to one of the most cultured parkruns around. We can arrange for you to fly in a few days early, explore the city and its innumerable museums and galleries before taking part in the local parkrun on Saturday morning. Plus, we challenge you to find a better spot to enjoy a celebratory gelato afterwards! Florence is the springboard for many of our Italy holidays, like Walking in Tuscany.
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Trek the Polish High Tatras. There's a parkrun in Krakow too!

With its gorgeous medieval centre and a fascinating history, Krakow is a great eastern European getaway. If walking along ancient cobbled streets and climbing old bell towers for views over the city wasn’t enough, then you can join the Krakow parkrun and keep your Saturday morning routine. If you join our Trek the Polish High Tatras trip you can join this run on departure before heading back to London. That’s what we call knocking it out the park!
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Cycle Namibia, throw in Swakopmund parkrun for an added adventure.

Is this the ultimate parkrun for bragging rights?! Swakopmund is known as the place for adventure activities like sandboarding or quad biking, but this is also where you can still do your Saturday morning 5k in the morning before jumping on a sandboard! Join our Cycle Namibia trip for a chance to tick this off your parkrun bucket list.
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These are just three parkruns which you can join when booking an Exodus holiday. With more parkruns around the world, there are many options to combine your Saturday morning run with a holiday. This is also a great excuse to fly out early to extend your holiday and take in even more from your well-earned break.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special parkrun holiday in Sicily that we will be announcing very shortly…

Remember to quote PARKRUN18 when booking one of our holidays for £100 off any of our trips!

You can also still enter our competition to win a spot on one of our trips.

Happy parkrunning!

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