Adventures in Europe: River Deep, Mountain High

Every member of our team is as passionate about adventure today as when they first started, so when we asked our experts to pick their favourite activity in Europe, they were overyjoyed. Here's the thrilling selection they came up with…

1. Ardeche Mixed Activity Week

Panoramic view of Pont d'Arc on the Ardeche


Best for: Kayaking and camping "Heading along the Ardeche river in a kayak, the trip downriver was at times very peaceful, drifting along staring up at the huge cliff faces and landmarks – but you soon pick up speed at the rapids! We did a fair bit of wobbling, but that just added to the fun!" 

2. Slovenia Mixed Activity

Rafting down the Soca River


Best for: Views and whitewater rafting "Whitewater rafting is the main draw here, with some of the best rapids in Europe! Although with rapids ranging from grade one to five, there's something for beginners and world champions."

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3. Picos Mixed Activity Week

Cycling along the coast of Asturias


Best for: Cycling "Cycling along the lesser-known coastal routes of the Camino de Santiago was incredible: great challenge, lovely scenery and some well-deserved stops in vibrant towns!" 

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4. Sierra de Aitana Mixed Activity

Climbing on the Via Ferrata


Best for: Caves and rock climbing "After tying kayaks up to the sea cliff and climbing some of the easy parts of the rocks, there's nothing better – or more refreshing – than jumping into the calm Mediterranean water!"