Spotlight on: Greenpoint parkrun, South Africa

Greenpoint parkrun adds significant glamour to your list of completed parkruns.

The parkrun phenomenon has truly taken off in South Africa. There’s a whole host of routes across the country, but one of the most dramatic and exciting is the Greenpoint parkrun, on the waterfront park of beautiful Cape Town.

Cape Town

It’s also the fantastic finale of our Cape Town & the Garden Route parkrun Special. This adventure gives you the perfect fun-filled introduction to South Africa with the added bonus of enjoying a world-class parkrun at the end of the adventure - the ideal send-off to a spectacular country.

The route is the same as all parkruns: a 5km weekly timed run, led by volunteers, with a community vibe rather than just a race to the finish line. What makes it different is the destination. After all, how many do you know who can say they’ve completed a parkrun on another continent?

Your route takes you on a journey through iconic territory. You’ll be running, jogging or power walking past football history in the form of Cape Town Stadium, constructed for the 2010 men’s FIFA World Cup, when Spain romped to victory for their first ever FIFA win. The stadium’s glowing structure, graceful and gleaming white, makes a distinctive landmark regardless of how you feel about the beautiful game. After that it’s down towards the waterfront, where the crash of the waves accompanies your rhythmic footfalls, and guiding your way is the scenic Green Point lighthouse.

Spotlight on: Greenpoint parkrun

The Green Point lighthouse looks exactly as a child would draw a lighthouse: stocky, distinctively striped with bold red and white, overlooking the blue ocean. It’s a beautiful sight to aim for whilst you’re running, and with views like this it’s easy to forget that you’re even exercising. If you’re looking for the perfect parkrun picture, this is probably it.

Greenpoint parkrun

It’s easy to see why Green Point parkrun is so popular – more than 900 parkrunners regularly lace up their trainers for this event, so the energy and excitement of being part of a crowd will sweep you on towards the finish line. And as long as you’re not putting in an exceptional sub 18 minutes time, you’ll have someone ahead to follow.

Greenpoint parkrun

The other joy is there are no laps on this course – so no repetitious looping round and round. Every step is a new adventure.

So add a little Green Point glamour to your next parkrun, with an adventure on a different continent as well as another country.

Join the South Africa parkrun Special!

Our South Africa adventure allows you to combine Greenpoint parkrun with a proper holiday visiting the highlights of the Garden Route in the company of an experienced Exodus leader. It's specially designed for parkrunners to help you make the most of your parkrun tourism.

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