The Snow Report

Snow at last!

UPDATE (07/01/16)

It’s late, but it’s finally here! The snow has arrived in most areas now, so here’s a little update for most of our winter destinations:

In Norway, Kvitavatn is now enjoying excellent snow conditions! Temperatures are low (-23ºC according to our leader’s last update). Ilse also sent us some beautiful pictures:



In Sweden, the conditions are similarly strong, with 40cm of snow in Espedalen and very low temperatures (currently -25ºC). There’s plenty of snow at the Icehotel too, where the temperatures are currently around -35ºC, but expected to get a little milder as soon as tomorrow.

Finland has good conditions too, with low temperatures and plenty of snow.

The rest of Europe is not quite as lucky yet, although snow conditions have improved greatly over the last week, and look set to continue this way.

So far the French Alps seem to be getting the best of the winter weather: a nice amount of fresh snow has fallen in both the Northern and Southern ranges. More snow should arrive in the next few days. Temperatures are ideal: between -3ºC and +3ºC

The Dolomites only had artificial snow for the loipen during the festive period. Luckily, there’s been some decent snowfall in the past week, and many of tracks are now open, sometimes with a mix of natural and artificial snow. Temperatures are low and should remain so for the coming days, with more snow forecast for the beginning of next week.

Austria, too, has had to rely on artificial snow. Last week saw some a considerable improvement in temperature and snow conditions. The forecast looks good, too; conditions should be good going into next week.

That’s all for now – it’s looking up, so don’t forget to book your winter adventure!

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First report of the season!


Here it is: our first snow report of the season!

After the big snowfall in the French Alps over the weekend, it's time to start getting ready for some winter fun!

Chamonix, the Alps went from green to white overnight, and it looks like another 21cm should top up the current snow cover in the next couple of days. And in the French Pyrenees, about 30cm should settle between tomorrow and Thursday.

Northern Europe has been enjoying some snow for a few weeks now: Basecamp Oulanka, Finland saw their first snowfall at the end of October.

In Norway, Kvitavatn has a nice 30cm snow cover (and the forecast is for some more in the next few days) and further west, Mosstrond is getting some coverage too.

In the rest of Europe, Sarajevo and its surroundings saw some snow at the weekend too.

So don’t forget to book your Winter Adventure if you haven’t done so yet!

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