Alice Bzowska

After usually holidaying in England as a child, Alice’s passion to discover further afield quickly grew. As soon as she could, she was off exploring the world. At 18, she volunteered in Kenya for a few months followed by roaming through parts of Asia. Since then, she has travelled to over 40 countries in 6 continents. Alice now looks after Central America and Cuba for Exodus in the Customer Operations department. Her recent highlights include backpacking through South America and taking salsa lessons in Cuba.

Spain’s Green Coast - A Cyclist’s Paradise

Playa Espana

As I stood on the rugged, verdant shoreline of the Green Coast of northern Spain and looked across at the rolling hills peppered with pretty houses and family farms, I noticed just how few tourists I had seen. Cycling through the beautiful Cantabria and Asturias regions, I often had the stretches of sandy beaches to myself, and those who I did meet along the way were usually locals, curious about my trip and always beaming and welcoming.

Bird-watching, the Blue Hole, and a Barrier Reef – Why You Had Better Belize It!

It didn’t take more than a day in Belize for me to notice the phrases ‘Unbelizeable!’ and ‘Seeing is Belizeing’ on car-stickers, fridge magnets and T-shirts in every little shop. However cheesy these phrases may seem, I found the sentiments to be quite true. This tiny English-speaking Central American nation is home to just 360,000 people and is bordered by the better-known Guatemala and the sprawling giant of Mexico, but is very different to its Spanish language neighbours.

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