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Introducing Alistair Grice

Back in 1987, Alistair bought a bucket-shop ticket to Islamabad, picked up the Karakoram Highway and headed over to China and then south through India to Ceylon over to Indochina via the Indonesian Archipelago to Papua New Guinea.

Finally stopping after nine months for a refuel in Melbourne, the finest city in the southern hemisphere. He didn't leave for three years.

His passion for trekking high peaks in the Andes is matched only with the need to find the perfect live Indie music gig, the more alternative the better!

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Going where no Exodus man has gone before: Mont Blanc Summit

Die-hard peak bagger and Exodus sales expert, Alistair Grice takes on Mont Blanc to the put the Exodus curse to rest once and for all… They said it could never be done. Well at least not by one of the Exodus crew; not one successful summit attempt in 10 years was a shameful record I intended to tarnish. However, one cannot be flippant about this gruelling ascent; at 4,810m Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Western Europe, and formerly one of the seven summits before being usurped by that young pretender in the east, Mount Elbrus.

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