Caitlin Overend

Caitlin's passion for travel started with her very first whirlwind of a roadtrip across Iceland and has flourished into a love to last the ages. Whether she's camping in the jungles of Costa Rica, snorkeling past wild dolphins in the Azores, or people watching from a corner cafe in Paris, Caitlin's love for travel knows no bounds. You can almost always find her with a camera in hand - her preferred way of sharing the essence of a new destination is through photos and videos. 

5 Reasons to Visit Iceland in the Summer

Iceland Midnight Sun Waterfall

Puffins and hot springs and sun, oh my! There’s no wrong time to visit Iceland, but there’s just something magical about being able to watch the sunset at 12 am and then rise just 3 hours later. And with the warm weather comes infinite opportunities for hiking, swimming, and practicing photography without having to worry about your fingers freezing.

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