Elise Wortley

When Elise was 16, she took herself off trekking in the Indian Himalaya, and ever since her passion for adventure has stayed with her. During long summers at university, Elise travelled through South East Asia, and spent half a year living and studying in Canada.  Her favourite part of travelling is meeting local people, and getting the opportunity to experience their culture. On a recent cycling trip to Cuba, Elise not only learnt how to salsa from the residents of Trinidad, but also mastered the art of making the perfect mojito!

Climbing Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

It is pitch black as we rub the sleep from our eyes. I can barely believe it’s 2.30AM and I’m awake, pulling on woolly hats and walking socks and gulping down tea with Sanja, our guide, whose smile is the warmest thing this early in the morning. We were headed for the top of Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka’s most sacred mountain, and a holy place of pilgrimage for the three main religions on the island, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. There are many different accounts as to why the mountain is so sacred, depending on who you ask.

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