Laura Baldock

After summers spent backpacking in Eastern Europe, Russia and Thailand sparked a passion for seeing new places, Laura decided to volunteer with a charity in South India. Bitten by the travel bug, she went on to cram in trips whenever she could, going on to visit Australia, Madagascar and Cambodia. Laura loves exploring the bright lights of bustling cities and finding the best local eating and drinking hotspots! She hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on her list.

One Night In... A Mekong Delta Homestay

Mekong Delta Homestay

A refreshing breeze flitters through thick leafy foliage where a soupy river supports a vast array of plant life. Somewhat of an agricultural miracle, The Mekong Delta is the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, producing more than a third of the country’s annual food crop. Here you’ll find dense mangroves aplenty, and elongated boats weaving though floating markets, stacked high with prickly durians. Of course, the best way to get around is by boat. This swirling waterway nourishes the land, sustains a rich ecosystem and provides locals with ample fresh fish.

Our Top 5 Wildlife Adventures

Elephants in Botswana

Your first glimpse of an animal in the wild is always an unforgettable moment. Whether you’re fortunate enough to witness a regal Bengal tiger lapping at the edge of a rippling river, or catch a sluggish sloth crawling through the waxen green canopy… these increasingly rare and profound moments highlight the need to prioritise wildlife protection on a global scale.

Laura Baldock
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