Ollie Collard on Kilimanjaro

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Introducing Ollie Collard

From the dense jungles of Colombia, to the majestic deserts of Jordan, the sacred mountains of Sri Lanka to the plains of the Serengeti, the steaming volcanoes of Indonesia to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and everywhere in between is where you can find Ollie.

That is when he isn’t making dreams come true in the sales team at Balham Towers of course! 

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A Walk to the Roof of Africa: Kilimanjaro

Ollie Collard on Kilimanjaro

As the first of the sun’s rays crept over the East African horizon to warm my freezing back and illuminate the rocky moonscape beneath my feet, I knew I was going to get there.

I was wearier than I’d ever felt and shivering, despite my six layers of clothes, but the worst was over; there was nothing on earth that could make me turn back now as I almost completed my walk to the Roof of Africa: Kilimanjaro.

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