Paula Mason

Travel Expert - Paula Mason

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Introducing Paula Mason

Paula has extensive experience of Exodus’ adventure travel portfolio.

Her love of travel started when she went Inter-railing around Europe as a student – whetting her appetite to explore new destinations and cultures.

Over the years her travels have taken her on lots of amazing adventures, including trekking some of the remotest parts of the Great Wall in China, camping out under the star-lit skies in Peru, and losing herself in the narrow streets of Amalfi.

Find out more about Paula's adventures below.

Finding Shangri-La in Nepal

nepal prayer flags

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Let me start by saying “Namaste” – a Nepalese greeting, and a word which will always conjure up my fondest memories of Nepalese culture. It translates as ‘I bow to you’, just one facet of the respectful way the Nepalese treat all forms of life.

About Paula
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