Fat Biking in Finland

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From the serenity of biking through a pristine winter wilderness to the thrill of whizzing downhill in crunching snow to watching the Northern Lights perform in the starry night sky, our Fat Biking in Finland adventure has it all.

Customer Philip Crist shares his story…

Fat biking in Finland

Fat Bike Trips

You might think having twice-as-wide tyres would be slow, but a fat bike eases through snowy terrain!

"It was great fun, and I lost count of the times I put my foot down only to sink into the snow. You have to relearn simple things, like putting your weight back when going uphill.

On the first afternoon I came off eight times in just over a mile, but in snow, it doesn't hurt. And it was worth it for the thrill of the downhills!"

It was completely different from my normal cycle commute to work…

"The scenery in northern Finland is amazing, with forests, frozen rivers and valleys all covered in deep snow. It was peaceful and quiet. On the last day, we did a long and exciting hike along river gorges. The scenery was stunning."

Northern Lights over Finland

Northern Lights in Finland

After a long day of biking, it was a nice surprise to see a softly glowing log cabin hidden away among the trees…

"We spent two days in a log cabin near the Russian border, surrounded by snow-covered trees. The views of the Northern Lights were stunning, framed by a bend in the River Oulanka and trees lining the steep banks down.


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There is no running water or electricity. It was bliss! The rest of the time was spent at the wilderness Basecamp Oulanka, which was chocolate-box pretty."

The sauna was amazing, although being British we kept our swimming costumes on!

"Apparently a steaming hot sauna is the best way to recover from a day of energetic cycling – it aids circulation and helps repair muscles. When it got too hot we’d go and roll in the snow or go down to the hole in the river and empty buckets of freezing cold water on to each other! A highlight of the trip."

Our guide went ahead to warm soup at lunchtime and light the fires and candles required to make the lodge cosy!

"Henri was really passionate about Finland and was a key player in making the holiday work. And all the guests were great too – everyone was up for having fun.

My only advice would be to pack light: most of the outdoor kit is provided, and you do get very warm cycling. There’s full support from the expert leaders, so you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re out and about."

Watch our leader Henri in action! 

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