A Walk on the Wild Side: African Adventures for Your Family

Africa offers some of the best wildlife watching opportunities on the planet. The chance to witness the world’s most graceful and enigmatic creatures on their terms, on their home turf? It doesn’t get better than this…


Spectacular landscapes, stunning beaches

“This was my chance to introduce my partner’s son Ed to adventure travel,” says Exodus’ Gina Eckersley with a grin. But what would Ed think? “This was the most exciting holiday ever!” he says. “We saw a rhino as well as loads of other animals, and Kilimanjaro was awesome.”

Lion Lion


“Even in the visitors’ centre car park we could see giraffe, elephant, zebra.” Gina enthuses. “Ngorongoro is such a spectacular drive descending from the mountains. Manyara was lush and amazing for birdlife.” Both agreed that rounding off the trip with a snorkel, swim and sunbathe on the beautiful island of Zanzibar came highly recommended too.

Did you know?

It’s not just about the wildlife. On the foothills of Kilimanjaro you’ll get to meet the local Chagga tribe and learn about their culture. Sales of their beautiful handicrafts generate important additional income for these locals.

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Wildlife conservation in action

“There can’t be many people, child or adult, who would fail to be excited by seeing elephants, rhinos and lions in the wild.” says Exodus’ John Penge. “Seeing wildlife is such a great bonding experience for families and the memories last a lifetime.”

Watering hole, Etosha national park, Nambia Watering hole, Etosha national park, Nambia


At the heart of Etosha National Park is a series of waterholes, glinting in the sunlight. And if you’re to be sure of a slice of the action, they’re the place to head. “There are numerous waterholes not far from our camps,” John says, “and they offer spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities.” Keep an eye out for lions, elephants, Black rhinos, giraffes, and – if you’re really lucky – an elusive and graceful cheetah.

Did you know?

25% of Etosha’s park entrance fee is reinvested in the Game Products Trust Fund. By visiting, you’re directly helping to sustain local communities and employ the next generation of tourist professionals, and of course, contributing to the conservation effort.

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South Africa & Zimbabwe

Iconic parks and incredible waterfalls

Visiting three iconic game parks in two countries is a privilege. Starting in Kruger and moving onto Matobo and Hwange National Parks, this trio forms an awe-inspiring journey into the very best wildlife reserves in southern Africa.

Rhinoceros in late afternoon, Kruger National Park Rhinoceros in late afternoon, Kruger National Park


Legendary Kruger National Park is known for the great variety of wildlife within its boundaries. Heading north into Zimbabwe, you’ll arrive at Hwange National Park, home to one of the largest elephant populations on the planet. Third is the whale-backed hills of Matobo, in southern Zimbabwe, rising from a landscape of round balancing boulders, ancient caves and rock-paintings.

Victoria Falls taken on a slow shutter speed Victoria Falls


The grand finale is still to come. The stunning Victoria Falls, known as Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Smoke That Thunders) is the thrilling conclusion to this adventure, and somehow manages to capture the drama and majesty that is southern Africa.

Did you know?

Moholoholo rehabilitation centre cares for numerous injured, orphaned and poisoned animals. It’s a powerful, but ultimately positive experience to spend time here. The entrance fees go directly to looking after the wildlife.      

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