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Top 5 Destinations for a Me-Cation

Giraffe sunset in Tanzania

With self-care all the buzz right now, we have never been more aware of the need to breathe, unplug, and take a time-out from our busy day-to-day lives. While yoga, face masks, and digital detoxes can be a great temporary fix, sometimes what you really need is to step away. Far away. Other-side-of-the-world away. Take a next-level getaway with a me-cation: a vacation just for you, prioritizing your needs and retreating from the stresses of home. Here are our picks for the top five destinations for an idyllic me-cation.

Our parkrun Experts Choose Their Favourite Exodus Adventures

parkrun has not only become a national fitness obsession, with nearly 700 events across the U.K., but it's become a global movement that gets millions of people walking, jogging and running every Saturday morning across 21 countries. It is such a friendly, welcoming event that it attracts people to running from all walks of life. It is also a great place to build your fitness levels for some of our Exodus trips. Here, we follow two avid parkrun members of our team who have done exactly that.

Your Guide to Happiness

costa rica

You can’t deny there’s an inextricable link between happiness and travelling. Travelling is said to increase mental well-being, but not only in the immediate short term. The elated feeling and "natural high" of travelling can last far longer after you’ve set your feet back on terra firma.

Your Guide to a Different Kind of parkrun

Many people initially take up running to get fit and active, but soon they discover there is so much more than simply its health benefits. Running gives a real sense of freedom; an ability to explore amazing places, that are sometimes inaccessible to the masses, just by using your own two feet. Running also introduces you to a fantastic community of like-minded people, who share your experiences and celebrate your achievements. parkrun is a great place to start. The support and friendly atmosphere there builds your running confidence. And once you have that, the options are limitless!

How travel can support cultural heritage along the Silk Road

Home to the Stans, Central Asia’s conjures up images of majestic blue-domed cities to nomadic traders travelling along the iconic Old Silk Road. It is here, we follow Alex Keefe, a member of our Customer Services team, as she set out on her own adventure to discover how we as Exodus travellers can help promote and preserve the unique cultural heritage you can find across the Silk Road. 

A Two-Day Exploration of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

Surreal. Eerie. Haunting.

Three words that can be used to describe a visit to Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone.

On our first ever Chernobyl and Kiev Long Weekend exploration trip, Exodus Social Media Marketing Manager, Milly Youngman, takes one step towards the surreal in the Exclusion Zone to experience the history and lingering effects of one of the world’s most devastating nuclear disasters…

Your Guide to... the Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit has always been renowned as one of the world’s best classic treks and is on any Himalayan advocates ‘must do’ list. Why, you ask?...

...this route starts in the tropical lowlands and ascends into the mighty Himalaya as you cross the Thorong La Pass at 5,416m. As the elevation changes so too does the scenery, hence the Annapurna Circuit is famed for offering unusually diverse scenery and culture, plus because it’s circular - every day is different!

Your Guide to Dinner Party Stories: Tables around the world

Be Virtuous in Vietnam

Our expert guides take you one step closer to unbridled travel experiences. From their unrivalled local knowledge to their passion for telling stories behind the sites, we don’t shy away from showing you the best regional delicacies either. Truly embracing the idiom, “home is wherever you hang your hat”, our guides also believe that, “home is wherever you have your dinner”.

Hiking the Swiss Alps with Exodus' Lesli Downham

Walking Swiss Alps

Gravity-defying peaks, spectacularly green valleys, dreamy ski slopes, and pretty lakeside towns – Switzerland is a dream come true for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, and chocolate aficionados alike. A trip to Switzerland is everything you’ve heard about and so much more. Quaint towns are alive with alpine tradition, hiking trails wind their way through the seemingly never-ending Swiss Alps while velvety smooth chocolate and cheese (along with some refreshing beer!) await at the end of each day of hiking.

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