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6 Signs a Singles Holiday is for You

Camping in Canada

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We all catch ourselves dreaming of escaping to far-flung shores from time to time. Rather than depositing the office telephone from the 5th floor or telling your friend Janet that you're not really too interested in hearing every detail of her newborn's bowel movements, actually treating yourself to some time away is the solution.

So, how do you know when its time? Here are the six signs that a singles holiday is for you.

How to Leave Your Comfort Zone on a Solo Holiday in North America

 Man hiking alone

Read Time - 3 minutes

Travelling solo could be one of the scariest things you've ever thought about doing – but it will actually probably turn out to be one of the most liberating.

Let’s face it; we are by nature, social animals. We want to share, whether that’s food, or what we saw on TV last night or experiences. Just look at the popularity of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And for many of us it’s the same when it comes to travelling. It’s almost natural that we want to go away with someone we already know.

Ethical Wildlife in North America

Bear Watching

With programmes such as Planet Earth and Countryfile, plus international movements such as School Strikes pushing wildlife and climate front of mind, keeping our world healthy and flourishing is more important than ever.

Being responsible in the areas you travel doesn’t just sit with you, but the company you are travelling with. At Exodus, we take an active role in sustainable travel; from wildlife to landscapes and everything between.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

Banff National Park

If America is known as the ‘land of opportunity’ then Canada should be known as the ‘land of great contrasts’. The majestic landscapes, the modern cities, the longest coastline in the world, all make up a country that is so large, it is comprised of six time zones!

With a country so large and vast, it’s hard to know where to start. The team here at Exodus have picked our top 5 places that everyone should visit when in Canada. If we manage to inspire you to take a trip to this stunning country, you know who to call!

Adventurous Overnighters: Unique Sleeps in the Americas

Lake Titicaca homestay

We’re celebrating the most exciting and adventurous sleeping spots in the Americas! 

You’d be hard-pushed to find finer places to rest your head. The west is the ultimate adventure – fill your boots with the pioneering spirit of the old explorers. Head north for wilderness escapes and huge mountain landscapes and south for the rich history and immersive moments.

Here are four unique great sleeps in the Americas.

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