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A Tailor Made Tour of Vietnam

Street Market in Hanoi

From spectacular caves and staggering karst formations to mouthwatering street food and complex cultural traditions, each moment in Vietnam is a truly unforgettable experience. That’s why Robin, Exodus’ North American PR & Marketing Manager and well-seasoned traveler, decided to take her friend and first-time traveler, Amanda, on a tailormade Vietnam tour through the country’s intoxicating sights and sounds.

Top 10 Highlights of Croatia

Croatia, this gem of the Adriatic will charm you with its rich and evocative history, extraordinary food and wine, hundreds of years of art and architecture, intact nature, and an array of activities. Influence of ancient tribes, Greece, Rome, Venice, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire resulted in the abundance of styles displayed in one captivating harmony. This mix of visual, taste and even sound stimuli make for one unique and unforgettable Croatia holiday that will leave you craving your next visit.

Six Reasons to Book a Tailor Made Tour

Tailormade Tour of Cambodia

Join Kristin Henning and her husband Tom Bartel of 'Travel Past 50' as they recount their Tailor Made tour of Cambodia with Exodus.

Readers of Travel Past 50 know we are independent travelers. We usually rely on our own experience, sense of adventure, and healthy curiosity – not to mention our advanced age (er, maturity) – to jump confidently into new travel destinations. 

Exodus Travels in Egypt: 5 Must Do Experiences

Egypt Pyramids

Anywhere you go, you can explore a new culture or take in the beauty of a landscape, but there are few places in the world that let you uncover the ancient world as if it were frozen in time. In this way, Egypt stands out.

Add in the rich, mesmerising history; beautiful ancient architecture; incredible mix of ancient and modern life; and endless sites and experiences to explore and you’ll soon discover that Egypt is a one-of-a-kind destination.

With so much on offer, we share our 5 must do experiences you can only find in Egypt.

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