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Hitting the High Notes: A Pianist with Altitude

On July 12th 2019, on the Taglang La pass in the Himalaya, a piano will be heard at the highest altitude on record, in an ambitious and awe-inspiring performance to raise funds for local communities. In the thin air with low temperatures, it’s sure to be a challenge for a pianist with serious altitude – raising vital funds for the Exodus Travels Foundation Himalayan Community Support Projects.

Around the World in Music


Join us on a hip-wiggling, musical journey as we explore the sounds and rhythms from across the globe from North to South and East to West. Discover a wealth of musical styles that are at the beating heart of cultural and exotic locations.

Music has been an integral part of global culture for millennia, uniting ethnic communities and nations and allowing us to express our identity. Cultural diversity is often defined by music that provides a sensory experience of each place we visit, from the distinctive drums of Africa to the salsa of Cuba.

North America

7 must-do things in Sri Lanka

Yala National Park

If you're having trouble choosing between a trip lounging on the beach, exploring the wild, or soaking in the history of a rich new culture, a Sri Lanka holiday is the answer.

Picturesque beaches, kilometers of rolling hills, ancient temples and ruins, and lush green forests filled with extraordinary wildlife make Sri Lanka the perfect destination to explore a little bit of everything.

The World's Best Bike Touring Destinations

Bike Tour in Croatia

 There are many ways to explore a new place, and one of our favorites is from the back of a bicycle. There is a magic to pedaling through colorful fishing villages in Vietnam or along the undulating trails of the Portugal coast, a connection to the landscape and culture around you that is unlike any other way of travelling. A bike tour is the perfect way to cover a fair amount of ground each day while still being exposed to all the sights, smells, and sounds of your destination.

A Tailor Made Tour of Vietnam

Street Market in Hanoi

From spectacular caves and staggering karst formations to mouthwatering street food and complex cultural traditions, each moment in Vietnam is a truly unforgettable experience. That’s why Robin, Exodus’ North American PR & Marketing Manager and well-seasoned traveler, decided to take her friend and first-time traveler, Amanda, on a tailormade Vietnam tour through the country’s intoxicating sights and sounds.

Top 10 Highlights of Croatia

Croatia, this gem of the Adriatic will charm you with its rich and evocative history, extraordinary food and wine, hundreds of years of art and architecture, intact nature, and an array of activities. Influence of ancient tribes, Greece, Rome, Venice, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire resulted in the abundance of styles displayed in one captivating harmony. This mix of visual, taste and even sound stimuli make for one unique and unforgettable Croatia holiday that will leave you craving your next visit.

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