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The best local delicacies to try in Vietnam that aren’t Pho

Vietnamese dishes

While some countries may wow their travellers with new dishes, questionable fusions and cutting-edge culinary skills, Vietnam sticks to what it knows best – their delicious ancient recipes that have fed local farmers and emperors alike throughout the ages. Whether you’re looking for warm and comforting meals or fiery and dynamic bites, “the land of the Ascending Dragon” has a lot to offer its visitors. We’ve shared a couple of our favourite delicacies below that you can try on our Vietnam adventures, that go way beyond a bowl of Pho. 

Immerse yourself in these 5 cultural adventures this summer


Celebrate the winter solstice at Peru’s Inti Raymi Festival, visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter or discover the secrets of Petra’s rose-red city on one of our exciting cultural trips on our Summer of Adventure. As the daylight hours linger for longer and the sun shines down on magnificent landscapes and ancient sites, you’ll have more time to explore these fabulous destinations. What’s more, on our summer adventures in 2022, you’ll receive up to £300 off selected departures between May to August.


5 Walking Trips to Kickstart Your Summer of Adventure

beachy photo in Puglia

From the glistening waters of the Mediterranean to the soaring peaks of Spain’s Picos de Europa, these summer walking adventures are filled with nature, wildly beautiful scenery, and cultural experiences. There’s no better time to discover the unique treasures of each destination than during our Summer Adventures when daylight lingers into the evening and temperatures begin to climb. And to make your summer 2022 trip even more exciting, you can enjoy up to £300 off selected departures throughout May, June, July and August.


Get Your Heart Racing this Summer with these 5 Cycling Adventures

Chile & Argentina

For summer 2022 we have an exciting selection of cycling adventures filled with roller-coaster rides that capture the colourful contrasts of each destination. From the vast South American deserts to the hypnotic rhythms of Cuba, these trips take you on a cultural journey of discovery through the most astonishing landscapes. And between the months of May and August, you can also enjoy £300 off selected departures on our Summer of Adventure.


Witness 5 Incredible Wildlife Encounters with Our Summer Adventures


Whether you want to witness Green turtles laying their eggs in Tortuguero or watch whales gliding through the Pacific Ocean, we have a wonderful selection of wildlife encounters on our Summer of Adventure. Why not visit Yala National Park between June and August when there’s less rainfall and leopards are easier to spot? Or perhaps you’d rather explore Etosha National Park during the dry season from July to September when water is more in demand and species such as elephants, wildebeest, zebra and lions can be seen gathering around the water holes.

Top 5 places to visit in Turkey

Pammukale, Turkey

Looking to visit one of the most exotic spots in Europe? Look no farther than the cultural melting pot that is Turkey – delivering a unique blend of spices, bustling bazaars packed with treasures, dreamy coastlines, harams of old, fantastical mosques, castles, and cobbled streets. With mixed influences from Europe, Africa, and Asia – Turkey is the perfect cultural fusion.

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