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Exodus Foundation Fundraiser - Cycle to Warwick

Of all the times to sign up to a long distance charity bike ride, doing so with the fewest kilometres I’ve had in the legs for many a year was probably not the best. Still, the thought of a few days cycling through some lovely countryside sounded like fun. I’ve been working for Exodus for a (very) long time, and have lost count of the times I’ve admired colleagues for what they’ve done with or for some of the amazing projects we do around the world. This was my chance to make some kind of contribution.

Worth More Alive X: An Interview with Paul Goldstein

After nearly a century of decline, the wild tiger population figure is limping upwards thanks to conservation efforts from, philanthropists, local communities, charities and NGO’s across the globe to ensure their survival. However, with only 2,500 Bengal tigers left in the wild, the world’s largest feline is still endangered, leaving much more work to be done if this remarkable species survives for future generations.

Discover Sweden’s Sami culture in Lapland

Embark on a magical winter adventure into the heart of Lapland, where the remote, snow-covered landscape is home to the Sami culture. Our Lapland Wilderness Week offers you the opportunity to experience this traditional Arctic culture first-hand, while immersing yourself in a variety of thrilling snow-based activities and soaking up the wonder of this spectacular destination.


Five Reasons to Visit the Baltics

Trakai Castle

The Baltic States are made up of three sovereign states in Northern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Commonly referred to as ‘The Baltics’, the three countries offer an idyllic experience which is often overlooked by the typical tourist. In response to this travesty, Exodus Travel Expert Robert Townsend put together a list of five reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Baltics.


Top 7 Adventure Holidays with Exodus


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Looking for an exhilarating adventure that tests your stamina and pushes the boundaries? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re wanting unrivalled experiences that take “travelling” to a whole other level, we’ve tallied up our top seven favourite trips so you can start planning a Life of Adventure with Exodus.

Top 6 Sights on a Walking Tour of Northern Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus has a picture-postcard coastline, characteristic of many of the Mediterranean islands, and a warm welcome offered by the Turkish culture.

However, due to the Turkish invasion in 1974, the overdevelopment that many Mediterranean resorts have undergone in recent years is replaced by an unspoilt charm; quieter towns and communities, allowing you to explore its many gems at a laid-back pace.


World Tourism Day at Exodus

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At Exodus Travels, we’re not only passionate about travelling, but we’re avid believers in responsible travel. On World Tourism Day, it’s an important and exciting time for us to reflect and celebrate on the achievements Exodus Travels have made in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why You Should Travel Solo with Exodus

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Solo travel is on the increase and it’s no wonder with the great sense of freedom it offers as well as the incredible adventures to be experienced. But we understand that some may want to have an experienced guide with local knowledge on hand, while also having the opportunity to meet people along the way, which is why we keep solo travellers in mind when planning our guided group tours.


1. Meet a small group of like-minded travellers

The Best Trips to Travel Solo with Exodus

view of Vietnam boats

At Exodus, we’re experts when it comes to creating exhilarating trips and itineraries that keep solo travellers in mind. If you don’t want to go it alone entirely, we’ve got you covered with our selection of guided adventure holidays. With a fantastic range of small group experiences in over 90 different countries, our holidays include the perfect mix of solo travellers, couples and friends, with our expert guides directing you to the best major hot spots and hidden gems. Looking for some inspiration? Check out these 7 trips that were made for solo travellers.


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