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Dynasties: In Focus with Paul Goldstein

Read time - 4 minutes

Paul Goldstein is one of very few people that has spent time with all five of the BBC's ‘Dynasty’ luminaries. Several chimp safaris, literally years with lions, two fabled expeditions to Emperor penguins and wild painted dogs throughout Africa. 15 marathons in his tiger suit along with 20+ ‘striped’ safaris adds to this not underwhelming litany. Here he shares a few thoughts and tips on these species:

The Best Seasonal Breaks

Christmas gift

Read time - 3 minutes

Not all of us love yuletide and season’s greetings, but you don’t have to go into hibernation to avoid the same five songs repeated on the radio, roads blocked with holiday traffic and, of course, the inevitable bad cracker jokes.

Don’t be left out in the cold this Christmas. Bin the Brussels sprouts and trash the tacky tinsel; here are a few of our seasonal escapes that are really worth celebrating. Take a look at the best seasonal breaks.

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers

Read time - 3 minutes

Bring a smile to the face of the globetrotter in your life with our carefully selected Christmas gift ideas for travellers. Ditch unimaginative gifts and the consumerist approach to the season of giving this year with our Christmas gift guide for the traveller in your life.

Meet Martina: Our Brochure Artist with a Big Heart

Martina Crepulja Brochure Cover Artist

Read time - 4 minutes

Her father may have been a painter, but Martina Crepulja didn’t always believe she could be an artist.

“I always thought maybe I would work in chemistry,” admits the Bosnia and Herzegovinian illustrator, adding that growing up in Bosnia meant stability was an important quality in a career. “But then, I started to feel like perhaps I could be more. Choosing to study art was certainly a leap of faith - I’m glad I took it.”

19 Epic Hikes of the World

chloe knott walking

Read time - 10 minutes

Make his year the one you conquer one of our epic hikes of the world. There's a whole planet out there full of incredible, life-changing hikes that will transform your new year into an incredible adventure.

These are no ordinary hikes - all have something extra special, whether that's a phenomenal environment, an iconic goal, or a physical challenge.

4 of The Best Recommended Rides for 2019

Cycling in Croatia

Read time - 3 minutes

When they manage to get away from their desks and shed the trappings of office life, our cycling experts here at Adventure HQ love nothing more than saddling up and discovering the world’s best biking routes.

Their enthusiasm pays off – because they’ve road-tested our cycling adventures, they can tell you from personal experience which ones are best suited to you.

Best Cycling Trips for 2020

Cycling in the Dolomites

Read time - 4 minutes

New season means new adventures! The Exodus staff peloton have been at it again, scouring the globe to bring you the best of the world on two wheels.

From new ways to discover our favourite destinations to new regions being added to the collection, 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and innovative years for cyclists. 

Where will your next ride take you?

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