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Six Reasons to Book a Tailor Made Tour

Tailormade Tour of Cambodia

Join Kristin Henning and her husband Tom Bartel of 'Travel Past 50' as they recount their Tailor Made tour of Cambodia with Exodus.

Readers of Travel Past 50 know we are independent travelers. We usually rely on our own experience, sense of adventure, and healthy curiosity – not to mention our advanced age (er, maturity) – to jump confidently into new travel destinations. 

Exodus Travels in Egypt: 5 Must Do Experiences

Egypt Pyramids

Anywhere you go, you can explore a new culture or take in the beauty of a landscape, but there are few places in the world that let you uncover the ancient world as if it were frozen in time. In this way, Egypt stands out.

Add in the rich, mesmerising history; beautiful ancient architecture; incredible mix of ancient and modern life; and endless sites and experiences to explore and you’ll soon discover that Egypt is a one-of-a-kind destination.

With so much on offer, we share our 5 must do experiences you can only find in Egypt.

Alphabet parkrun: Be a Global parkrun Tourist

parkrun tourism

Read time - 6 minutes

What is a parkrun tourist? It’s anyone who enjoys a parkrun which isn’t their immediate local run - simple as that!

If you're a globetrotting jogger, then the global success of parkrun means there's a whole host of incredibly exciting routes waiting for you. But it makes no sense to travel all that way and not see some of the country whilst you're there... 

National Forest Day

National Forest Day

Today is National Forest Day, and we’re celebrating the rich biodiversity of the world’s greatest forests. Without our woodlands, this world would be less interesting – and we believe it’s important to respect the natural habitats and wildlife that the woods of the world.

Join us on a global journey through some of our favourite forests around the world...

Spotlight on: Treviso parkrun, Italy

Take parkrun tourism to the next level with this Italian treat…

Treviso parkrun is a treat. Sandwiched between Venice and the Prosecco Hills, this two-lap parkrun follows the familiar format of all parkruns around the world: friendly folk gather together at 9am on a Saturday morning to run, jog or walk their weekly 5km. But instead of your local route, you’ll be running in Italy.

Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief 2019

It’s been a decade since the first Red Nose Day Kilimanjaro Climb. This year, nine new celebrities returned to Kilimanjaro to take on the challenge – and we were glued to our screens…

The Comic Relief Return to Kilimanjaro trek was a tough, inspirational piece of television history – resulting in an emotional summit with the whole team of nine celebrities, all of whom managed to make it to the top, a decade after the first time round.

Meet Vania, our Leader in Italy

Vania, Our Leader in Italy

Meet Vania. She's one of our newest leaders in Italy, having led tours around the Amalfi Coast and her home region of the Prosecco Hills for just over a year now. But you would never guess that she hasn't been doing this forever. 

"Vania was so knowledgeable about the area and the history. I could see that she was also very popular with the hotel staff and the guides she employed. She exudes happiness and has the best smile going!" This feedback echoes what we hear in all of Vania's testimonials: knowledgable, organised, friendly.  

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