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History's Boldest Female Travellers

In honour of International Women's Day, we're celebrating some of history's boldest female travellers. Within the dusty tomes of the past lie the stories of some incredible women: female explorers, trekkers and pioneers who have changed the way we see our planet. They have navigated wide oceans, made tracks through barren deserts, broken records and smashed preconceptions. Even when the odds were stacked against them, these tenacious ladies made history. And they were pretty feisty while they did it, too.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Spitsbergen

Polar bears on ice

For those who desire to capture swirling ice formations and Polar fauna, a chartered photographic expedition in the remarkable Arctic archipelago is something special. Renowned for its show-stopping scenery, with groaning glaciers and twinkling icebergs jutting out of biting sapphire seas, Spitsbergen’s sheer sublimity is to be swooned over.

If you still need convincing, we’ve selected our top reasons to visit to the magical land of ice and tundra in 2018...

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

From enormous ornate dragons soaring above city streets, to twinkling amber lanterns drifting through the inky night sky, Chinese New Year is one of the most recognisable celebrations on the planet. Red is the colour of the season, symbolising happiness, wealth and prosperity. Luxurious crimson banners adorn houses and beautiful red cash filled envelopes are handed to relatives. The lunisolar New Year is the longest festival in the Chinese calendar and 2018 marks the Year of the Dog.

Types of Holidays to parkrun On

Types of Holiday to parkrun On

One of the most exciting aspects of parkrun tourism is the chance to see a new place – the variety of courses is part of the appeal. Is it hillier than most and therefore a challenge? Is it cross-country or tarmac? And of course, is there a café nearby…

If you’re looking to take your parkrun scenery to the next level, we have the solution: go global! You can join the parkrun family all over the world, and what’s more, it’s easy to combine with an Exodus adventure. So it’s the community spirit you love, but in a far-flung destination. 

Better pack your running trainers.

Your Words Not Ours: My Exodus Adventure, 20 Years On

Your Words Not Ours: 20 Years On

As she sat on the plane to Delhi, little did Vivienne Lafferty realise that the people listed on her Exodus documents would become lifelong friends, including her wonderful trek leader, Valerie.

Over twenty years ago, Vivienne signed up for an expedition to climb Stok Kangri, here she tells us just how important that first ever Exodus trip was to her.

Trending Now: Rise of the Female Traveller

Amalfi Coast, Tre Calli

Ladies who love adventure… this one’s for you.

The days of adventure travel being a boys’ club are over. Whilst there have always been pioneering ladies fighting tooth and nail for their place amongst the great explorers, it’s a narrative that has historically been dominated by male voices. But the tide is starting to turn, ushering a new era for a more balanced approach to adventure.

Our Top 10 European Bike Rides

Embracing a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, but if you’re going to keep it up there’s got to be more to it than an expensive gym membership and mindlessly running on a treadmill. So what if you could travel yourself fit? Well, you can! Active holidays provide a unique way of sightseeing in some beautiful locations, and they keep your mind and body in perfect harmony. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely roam through sigh-worthy scenery or yearn for more of an uphill encounter, we have a cycling holiday for every ability. So what are you waiting for?

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