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Culinary Odyssey (Part 1): Ceviche, Peru

Join Exodus' Dan Jackson for a worldwide culinary odyssey. First stop: Peru. My passion for combining food with travel stretches back to the early 90’s, when I worked in the wine bar and restaurant trade in the heart of the City’s square mile - a task which gained me the experience to go and run a hotel in the French Alps for a ski season. Ok, so the real reason was to ski every day. But I still got my hands dirty in the kitchen!

Great Explorers - A Tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary

A tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary (July 20th 1919 – January 11 2008), written shortly after his death. Updated October 2015.Hillary cuts an iconic figure in mountaineering history. Hillary is a man known for many things - his philanthropy, his charisma, an illustrious career in adventure - but nothing more so than being the first man to summit Everest. On 29 May 1953 at the age of 33, he and Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers known to have reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Cycle Kerala and Tropical India

Exodus’ veteran Phil Normington takes to two wheels on one of our most popular cycling trips in the beautiful landscape and villages of Southern India. I didn’t know for certain what 'Granny Gear' was until this morning, but it’s been the only gear in use for a couple of hours now. Twenty-seven speeds on this bike, but this is the very lowest, and there’s still 35 hairpin bends to go. I bet the memsahibs never climbed this hill on a bike – they used the delightful little rack-railway from Coimbatore.

Incas and Amazon

No other trek can compete with the Inca Trail for its sense of history, as you tread the ancient road network of the Incas. As for starting the trail, it's hard to beat the Amazon Rainforest. You will immediately be struck by the heat and humidity of the rainforest. The most refreshing way to travel is to be on the river, heading upstream to the tranquility of the Tambopata Jungle reserve. 

The Essence of Tuscany

The postcards don’t do it justice, the contrast between the sharp, rugged mountain ridges on the horizon and the soft, sumptuous valleys filled with sunflower yellow, olive green and the ubiquitous cypress trees is truly breath-taking. Away from the tourists, you can unearth hidden Tuscany – just you, rolling fields, mountains and the odd masterpiece or two.

Up close and personal in the Galapagos

As I was sitting on the deck, cold beer in one hand, camera in the other, watching a massive blue whale spouting a few hundred metres from the boat, I really thought I would wake up at any moment and still be at my desk in the office. But I didn’t! It was as real as you can get. And the experience didn’t end there. I was lucky enough to be on an 8 day cruise of the Galapagos Islands.

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