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Exploring Laos Country


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The Mekong River stretched out in front of me as the sun set over Vientiane, the incredible capital of Laos. My mind drifted just like the waters of the river, thinking over the week I’d spent exploring a country I’d barely known before leaving London.

What little knowledge I had was from vague references from schoolteachers when I’d studied the Vietnam War. The past seven days could not have been a better introduction to the landscape and culture that make up this little country. 

High Expectations: Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, the country’s highest mountain is an extinct volcano, where glaciers have tumbled over ancient lava for hundreds of years. The two highest peaks, Batian (5,199m) and Nelion (5,188m) are almost vertical and classed as technical climbs. Our goal was Point Lenana (4,985m). The climb is serious. As well as being pretty fit you need the right clothing and equipment for a variety of climates and terrain.

Animals in Focus: Lemur Facts


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Endemic to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands off Madagascar’s north-west coast, lemurs have bemused and intrigued naturalists for years.

Their range of interesting behaviours, from singing like a whale (the Indri) to sashaying across the sand like a ballet dancer (the Sifaka), have kept these prosimian primates popular with zoologists and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Hanoi Streetlife

hanoi streetlife

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Fragrant wafts of lemongrass, ginger and chilli envelop my nose and tease my taste buds as I wait for my bowl of aromatic pho ga to cool.

Sitting outside on a plastic chair of questionable quality and stability, I’m almost too close for comfort to the frenetic mix of scooters, cars and bicycles whizzing up and down the bustling Hanoi street while street vendors rumble by laden with eclectic and gaudy wares.

Self-Guided Cycling in Burgundy

Self-Guided Cycling in Burgundy

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Ever since his early days working as an Exodus overland driver, Phil Normington has travelled extensively. Perhaps surprisingly, some of his favourite trips have been not so far from home.

Over many years working at Exodus, I’ve tried many different styles of holiday – overland expeditions, trekking in the Himalayas, sightseeing trips, even expedition cruising to the Antarctic

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