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The (Gastronomic) Mont Blanc Circuit

You might think that two weeks of trekking in the Mont Blanc region would be great way to lose a little weight. Tour Leader Charlie Boscoe explains why this isn’t necessarily the case! It is impossible to walk the meadows and passes below the towering peaks of Mont Blanc without feeling a stirring of the soul; a sudden comprehension of one’s insignificance in the vast chasms of time, but also an understanding that that blip of time can, and must, be enjoyed to the maximum.

The Amalfi Coast Best Bits - Eat, Walk, Love

Amalfi Coast

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The old man’s eyes are honest as he whispers to me, “Here, in this region, we have everything you can possibly look for." This wisened face belongs to one of the family who own the Hotel Le Due Torri where we are staying, high in the hills near the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

At first, I assume this statement is part and parcel of the typical patriotism that characterizes many Italians – but soon, I am proved wrong.

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