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10 Reasons to Choose Exodus on Your Tailormade Adventure

With over 40 years’ experience and multiple awards under our belt, we are excited to offer tailormade travel! Whether it be a once in lifetime honeymoon, birthday celebration or a private departure date for friends and family, our dedicated travel consultants are here to take the hassle out of planning the trip of a lifetime.

But of all the companies which offer tailormade, why should you choose us? We’ve compiled our top 10 reasons why you should embark on a tailormade adventure with Exodus.

Spectacular Sleepovers For All The Family

Pachira Lodge Costa Rica

Families are sure to love our range of unique handpicked accommodation. We tend to stay in friendly, family-run hotels (with swimming pools, where possible) but there are also wonderful opportunities to drift off to sleep on houseboats and sleeper trains, camp under desert stars, or put your head down in jungle retreats as the rainforest comes to life around you. Here are four of our favourite places to lay your head…

Your Words Not Ours: The Northern Lights

The elusive, otherworldly glow of the Northern Lights is described by some as the greatest light show on earth. Visible above 65 degrees north, the Northern Lights are on many travellers’ bucket lists – and the snowy wilds of Europe are an excellent viewing spot. Iceland and Norway are firm favourites, where it’s possible to see the heavens ablaze with swirling, smoky light from late September to early April, but as customer Nikki Magrath found out, with nature there are no guarantees…

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