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Your Guide to Culture Adventures

Make 2020 the year when you step off the tourist trails and leap into a world of culture adventures. Cultural travel lets you scratch beneath the surface of each destination as you unearth compelling history and traditions that will undoubtedly get under your skin. To whet your appetite, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most inspiring experiences and events for cultural immersion in 2020.

Hiking the Swiss Alps with Exodus' Lesli Downham

Walking Swiss Alps

Gravity-defying peaks, spectacularly green valleys, dreamy ski slopes, and pretty lakeside towns – Switzerland is a dream come true for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, and chocolate aficionados alike. A trip to Switzerland is everything you’ve heard about and so much more. Quaint towns are alive with alpine tradition, hiking trails wind their way through the seemingly never-ending Swiss Alps while velvety smooth chocolate and cheese (along with some refreshing beer!) await at the end of each day of hiking.

Your Guide to Goosebumps: 5 Jaw-Dropping Experiences

Travel is all about new experiences; extraordinary moments that break away from the every day. At Exodus, we want those experiences to be unique; the kind that stop you in your tracks and creates life-long memories. Providing you with the ultimate guide to goosebumps; read on to discover 5 jaw-dropping experiences that you need to add to your travel bucket list in 2020.

Your Guide to Natural Highs: 9 Must-See Panoramic Treks

There’s a reason why we seek out summits to climb. Whether the route meanders gracefully and is a pleasure in itself or if you need a bit more grit and determination to reach that peak, the reward of a stunning panoramic view at the top makes all the effort worth it. And with that view, there is a sense of freedom, accomplishment and wonder. Below we share our guide to these natural highs found on 9 of Exodus' must-see panoramic treks.

5 of the Grandest Views from North to Central America

If you’re looking for towering pine forests, bubbling hot springs and thundering falls, there’s no region more iconic than North America. With views so spectacular they stop you in your tracks – the grand vistas of North America are arguably some of the best in the world. From delicious culinary experiences to culture enriching moments, you’ll soon find it’s the awe-inspiring scenery that leaves the most indelible imprint on your journey in North America.

The Exodus Travels Foundation: December update

What a year it’s been for our new Foundation. Since its official launch in March we’ve been privileged to fund a whole array of incredible community-based projects across our destinations, and we’ve been bowled over by the lengths our amazing community of customers, partners and staff have gone to in support.

We set ourselves the mission of improving life through travel, in hard-to-reach places, and here are a few highlights from the first year of this journey…

Uncover Nubia: How our travel preserves ancient cultures and traditions

Egypt has long since enchanted travellers with its abundance of ancient archaeology, cultural diversity, and rich history. Whether it’s a tranquil coral-coloured sunset aboard a felucca on the mighty Nile, your first glimpse of the Great Pyramids, or getting lost in Luxor’s labyrinth souks, fascination is in no short supply here. But with our expert eye for authentic experience and our intent, always, to improve life through travel, Exodus trips to Egypt, invite travellers to delve deeper into the seldom-explored hidden treasures of Nubia.

Discover Malaysia's Best Wildlife

Malaysia is a nature-lovers’ paradise. It’s hot, humid climate, fosters tropical rainforests and mangroves, that provide the perfect environment for a rich diversity of wildlife. It is estimated that 20% of the world’s species can be found in Malaysia, including hundreds of varieties of animals, birds and reptiles. The first few days of our Borneo & the Malaysian Peninsula tour tracks some of these amazing creatures in the wild.

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